Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We have rain

After 3 long months we have rain....Yes nearly fell over myself...I almost forgot what it feels like....

Only problem now it`s turned very humid and I have terrible trouble trying to breath in this sort of weather....

I`ve woken this morning with a rotten chest cough...Sounds like a dog barking...lol

Son came home for a visit from his fathers and good news , he has broken up with the g/f for good this time....And I am making sure it`s for good if he is to return here....

I can`t have one person upsetting the household any longer and with this young upstart off the scene life should return to some sort of nomality....Note to oneself "must stick by what i say"...lol

Im off to take Krystal to see the specialist today.....Some sort of diagnosis on her problem would be good.....

Only downfall on the trip to the hospital is it will be by public transport....We all know how much I hate this part but the way things are with public hospitals and their car parking system public transport is the easiest option....


  1. Hi Mandy, well I love to go sing and dance in the rain in summer, but I can't advise you to do that with your cough, you don't want to get very ill.
    I hope you find what you're looking for with Krystal, good luck, some good news would be nice.
    I am glad to hear sons life is turning around and your choice to place him with his dad is reaping results.
    Take care Mandy, perhaps some lemon and honey will soothe you.
    xxx Starry

  2. Doesn't the small of rain feel good. You all deserve a break down there. Hope cooler weather comes with it. Sounds like you have asthma and /or bronchitus. Take care. Good luck with K. and son.

  3. Hey Mandy
    Hope you are feeling a little better today and your daughter gets some answers too.

  4. Hi Mandy, nice wasnt it..rained here to, not much..but the smell of rain, the birds all showering in the trees. Lovely!

  5. You guys must have thought you were dreaming to finally get rain after all this time. Shame that it messes up your health.