Friday, March 20, 2009


At last we have made it to the end of the week with minimal damage done..

What a week it has been too...

Packed to the hilt, what with the house inspection, hospital visits, new school and children faking sickness and finally wagging...

Now that the kids have had a week of settling in i`m praying that from here on in things will finally get into a routine...

In between this I managed some great bargain shopping...My haven for some

Plans for this weekend are to relax, maybe take the youngest for a drive in the country and enjoy the scenery...

That`s the plan anyway...

You all have a wonderful weekend...

Stay safe ...


  1. Nothing like shopping, trust it was for yourself. Have a great weekend and a good save drive.

  2. Hi Margaret,funny you say this because it was for me....Nothing like spoiling yourself...

  3. hi Mandy, enjoy your weekend, i hope it goes according to plan and is enjoyable and relaxing. kids are coming for lunch. stew is in the slow cooker. Fran

  4. Hi Mandy :)

    I am typing this from inside our caravan, as we have gone away again for just the weekend (to Goolwa again but in a different spot).

    Hope you and your family have a lovely relaxing weekend, after your hectic week ! :)

  5. Morning Fran...Lunch sounds devine...Must start getting my slow cooker out too...
    Still can`t make up my mind on what to do today....
    Enjoy your day...

  6. Hello Jules, what a great way to spend your weekend...Enjoy the peace and quiet...I hope to be doing what you are doing once the kids are all grown up....Now that`s the life.....

  7. Oh Mandy, I must be the only person not happy its the weekend! Its because I am supposed to meet a guy for the first time and also make some phonecalls and I'd rather be crafting! I wish it was a weekday so everyone else was at work and I can play!
    But for your sake, happy weekend, Hope you do get to relax some,
    xxx Starry

  8. Starry i`m sure the meeting will go well...Be confident....Phone calls well that`s a different story..I`m not one for phone calls...More of a face to face person.....
    Just think your crafting will still be there waiting for you ....
    Enjoy the day sweet heart and have a great time meeting your new

  9. Well Mandy looks like a perfect opportunity for some R & R which you deserve.
    For once we are actually having a social weekend with visitors today and tomorrow.
    I will be going into recovery on Monday.
    You have a good one and may the sun shine on your activities.
    Live your dreams, love your life

  10. Hope you have had a nice relaxing weekend me I have had relaxing mornings and busy afternoons and nights up last night till 11.30pm washing and pegging it out on the line.

    I also have been buying myself a few new bits of clothes as I have gotten so fat lately and I don't know why as I am still walking most days and I go for long walks not short ones. Anyway the new clothes look good on me.

  11. Get some calm into your life mandy try meditation