Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In a mood

Unfortunately !!!!!!

My kids have tested my patience starting this morning with their carry on`s and it`s now spread into this evening...

I have been unwell for the past few days and you would think that they would be considerate of this but oh no let`s make mum`s life hell....

Teens and bickering , honestly they are acting like two year olds...

So I have repaid the favour and sent the whole lot of them to their rooms for the night....

If this is the way they wish to behave then I will treat them like babies...

Then to top the day off teen son Joshua earnt himself a suspension from school because of his smoking habit....

When will their nonsense cease????


  1. Oh Mandy, stud boy is a fag boy? Woah that sounds like it means he is a gay gigolo! How could he, he has only just started at that school!!! I don't blame you for getting in a mood, I would too, and it would be 'in your rooms' and a lot worse. Oh yes I am all nicey and lovey dovey but I am also a master strategist, no length is too extreme if I must win, I must win.
    Hope they do something sweet to make up to you,
    xxx Starry, (if they don't here are some extra kissies, xxxxx)

  2. Thanks Starry....Believe me I have big plans to work his butt off today, he seems to think he is sleeping in...lol....

  3. Hey Mandy...
    Feeling kind of down myself these last few days..
    Sorry to hear the kids are giving you trouble...sounds like mine...so I guess they wont be changing any time soon.:(

  4. apparently it's the change of season that makes us blue. less sun etc. be firm with them Mandy. Fran

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  6. Isn't it great when you can send them to their rooms, it sucks when they become adults and you can no longer send them to their rooms.

    Kids make us want to pull our hair out and they send us grey, they only thing we can hope is one day they will have children just like they are and then they are the ones going grey.

    Isn't funny though when mum is in a mood they can act like hey mum what is your problem, take a chill pill....which of course makes mum want to through things at them.....lol

  7. Hi Mandy, I've been away a week and have just been scrolling through your posts. Can't believe kids are still causing you problems after starting a new school. Hope they settle down soon. 3 teenagers is enough to send anyone into a spin. Looks like you had a good day at the beach. Try to do it more often.

  8. Hi Mandy, if they can't find something to raise our temp. they will invent something.... to help you feel better they do finally grow up.

  9. trying times!!...that's when I have my run away to Tahiti fantasy....being served drinks by handsome native men and wandering around barefoot and carefree...um...lost my train of thought there! hope everyone is calming down now, take care Mandy