Sunday, March 1, 2009

An interesting trip to the nursing home

On our way down to see Matts mother in the nursing home there was plenty to see....First stop was Hindley St all blocked off with police tape everywhere, cop cars everywhere and tv camera crews galore.....

We had no idea what took place until we watched the news that night...Another fatal stabbing....

That`s beginning to be one place that no one wants to venture too....It`s just not safe anymore....

Then about halfway to the nursing home we saw this fantastic piece of machinary....One sort of car I wouldn`t mind having parked up my driveway...

A Lotus....Wouldn`t the neighbours be envious??

Finally arrived at the nursing home an hour and a half later....Just my luck we caught nearly every red light possible....And hubby kindly reminded me of the fact....A real darl he

The place looked lovely from the outside...We had plenty of time to take in the view as we were locked out for about 10 minutes....Doors wouldn`t open up for us...At least they have good security on the

The inside was remarkable....

You walked in to like a little plaza on the ground floor...

A cafe, hairdressers, gift shops.....You wouldn`t believe this was a nursing home...Even the internet....I nearly fell over when I saw

As for the upstairs where the residents are it was immaculate....The nursing staff were very friendly and made us feel right at home....

Matts mother said she feels very safe there...Not surprised as it`s bloody hard to get through the

It will take her a while to settle as she has always had the freedom of her own home and now everything she does is a set routine within the nursing home...Then there is the adjustment of having to make new friends...She seems to be hiding in her shell at the moment but i`m sure as time wears on she`ll make some lovely friends and feel right at home...


  1. Love the car and the colour is great also. The nursing home sounds great and the I like the photo doesn't sound like a nursing home. Hope she settles in and makes friends soon, sucks that it is so far away.

    When my aunt was in a nursing home we where lucky it was close only a 10 minute drive and me and mum use to go and see her every week.

  2. Wow that place looks really great! very swish!
    that car is bananas! woo! I want an Mustang convertible metallic aqua don't know what year but I want one with rocket lights and fins...oh wow kinda went off on a tangent there!
    That stabbing is horrifying its getting as bad as Great Britain.
    Well have a good night Mandy for we all have to fight the traffic tomorrow...ugh!

  3. Hi Mandy :)
    Wow that nursing home looks fantastic ! I've never worked in one like that before !! I wanna move into it myself ! LOL
    I am sure your MIL will enjoy it there, once she settles in! ;)
    LOL about the locks! I used to always forget the codes when I was working in those places ;-)
    They need good security, in NH's, especially for people that have dementia :(

    That car looks awesome !! It would look better in red tho, and go faster ! LOL

    Re: Hindley Street, it's always had a bad reputation hasn't , but obviously it's gotten worse now! I used to always feel scared every time I used to go down there with my friends. Sometimes I am glad I live here in the country where stabbings etc are a rarity! :)

    Have a wonderful week :)

  4. Well you and Matt must be relieved that she is in a nice nursing home. Drool over the car.