Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It can only happen to me

Just when I think things are starting to turn good for me SOMETHING pops it`s little head up to upset the apple cart....

I don`t know WHY I get it into my head that things are looking

The day started out well...

Doctors appointments for Matt and Joshua came home from his fathers after a bit of a break from home....

Coming home from the doctors I noticed the temperature gage in the car creeping towards a very dangerous level....

RED LINE infact....

Well being a female naturally I panicked thinking i`m going to blow the motor.....

I found the first available parking spot and pulled over...

Thankfully hubby was in the car with me otherwise I would have been a mental

'Seems the water pump in the car has ceased...


We waited for a while for the car to cool down .....We were only 5 minutes of car driving away from home...

So hubby carefully drove the car home....

Made a few calls to get the car in to be repaired for tomorrow and a nice price to fix it....

Meanwhile it will be buses for me and the kids tomorrow as I am enrolling them into a new school.....

I`m cursed I tell you.....

People know just how much I detest public transport and it`s now been forced upon me....

Damn cars....

Can`t live with them and definitely can`t live without them...


  1. poor mandy, sorry to hear that. bloody cars hey? mine is leaking atm. there was a shopping bag in the back on the floor and i went to grab it the other day only to find it wet and smelly. seems the door has been leaking. have to get both doors done now. don't know where to go. it's the seals. hope your car isn't to0 expensive to get repaired. sorry about the bus too. my thoughts are with you. Fran

  2. Yes cars sometimes can be more hassle then they are worth. However we don't know how we would get by without them some of us would fare better then others. What I hate about public transport is that buses are often late and they cost to much. Hope you ate not without a car for long.

  3. Oh gosh this is not what you needed Mandy ! :(

    I wouldn't know what to do if my car broke down and I had children to get to school etc, as there's no proper public transport here in Strathalbyn :(

    Just before we were married in 2004, my car did break down, from a cracked head gasket and luckily I had just made it into Mount Barker. Not one person stopped to help me, and I had the car bonnet up, smoke coming out the engine everywhere. I had to ring my husband at his work in Strath ( luckily we both had mobile phones), to come and get me ! :(

    Not long after, his engine went too on his 4 wheel drive. We nearly didn't go ahead with the wedding as it cost us heaps to fix them both up. To top it off we only got my husband's 4 wheel drive back the day before the wedding( we needed it for the day )

    I hope your life will return to some level of 'normality' soon Mandy if there is such a thing?

  4. What a drag Mandy :(...the wheels on the bus go round and round...but not fast enough in the right direction for my liking! hope your day tomorrow is better

  5. Well Mandy, they say the day is ok till someone or something comes along and stuffs it up.

  6. Goodness me Many did you run over a chinaman or break a mirror or something. Luck must be about to change hope all turns out good for the kids. I know you will see the positive in this. Kids will meet new friends on buis and then they will be able to take themselves. Have a great day and dont worry to much. (Mum have a habit of doing that.) Nan

  7. afternoon... know how you feel re the car, but weren't you lucky having Matt with you? tomorrows another day, deal with it then and don't fret this evening... that's easy to
    went to 'blogger' now I have two blogs.. doesn't look like yours, 1 is experience, 1 is honestly I'm hopeless...Bev(ally).

  8. Hi again..I feel stupid, I found your blog spot after I posted the above, told you I was hopeless!!! thank-you for the space.Bevally.

  9. Oh No! Another set back. Hope it doesn't take too long to fix. Hope you have a better day today.

  10. I just love your post banners/pictures. Where do you get them or is that a trade secret?

  11. OH NO!
    Poor Mandy...
    I hope this is the last in your long line of troubles...just think of the good Karma you MUST have coming your way?! LOL
    Your not cursed....
    Things will pick up! They have to...Why? Cause I said so!!! LMAO
    Hope tomorrow is not the ordeal you imagine.

  12. Hi Mandy.
    Bloody cars,at my age I have alternate transport in the form of a (200cc) motor scooter,to which I use as much as possible to do things.This equates to a petrol bill over 4 weeks of about $18,or less.It's less wear and tear on the car,and I enjoy the riding of the bike. People say they are to dangerous,but only if you ride them like an idiot. The secrete is to treat every (driver) on the road like an "IDIOT". This raises your chance of survival up to 85%. More than the average car driver,who treats other drivers as equals.
    I hope your car troubles are fixed for you pretty soon,those "water pumps" can be a pain when they give up,and the worst part is,when they pack it in,they can cause untold problems elsewhere in the motor,without you knowing. Until later on down the track.
    I've got to go Chook, so see you, Keith "ponder-osa.

  13. Mandy, I do not usually buy Lotto tickets however, I have decided to buy some each week and when I win the 'big' one the first thing I will do is to buy you a new vehicle. That's a promise.
    In the meantime stay safe on public transport.
    Love what you have done with the Header. Makes me feel like I will work on mine as soon as I am through this current crisis.
    Trust Matt had a good outcome at the doctors yesterday xo

  14. Hi Mandy,
    have finally found my way "in","Anything and Everything" , will hope to catch up soon,there's alot to learn...Bevally

  15. Hi Mandy, I've managed to place a pic on your followers (cruiser.pulham)... I suprised