Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not a good enough reason in my view

Boy am I glad it`s the weekend.. The weeks are just flying by and already two weeks away from the first lot of school holidays... Actually looking forward to the holidays, I need a rest from the same ol routine... Still have my doubts about the new school... Poor Daniel is the one who is struggling big time... He has learning difficulties and this school doesn`t or is it won`t provide extra help unless he has been assessed... Daniel has pretty much spat the dummy a couple of times at school because he is feeling isolated and frustrated, he can`t cope with the work and especially his teachers attitude... His way of dealing with it, walk out the class and "P" off from school.... I was so worried the other night I actually had to get the police out lookinbg for him....As you can guess he was found... So a note to the school stating that they need to get something in place for him... A phone call regarding my letter from an obnoxious woman saying that the classes are large and Daniel naturally won`t get the attention he needs... Well I came back with a smart ass answer which went something like they are teachers aren`t they... This is why we send our kids to school, to be taught isn`t it???? I think I took her by surprise..... Now they are going to get him assessed.... I don`t want my son to be some statistic where he just slips through the system... He is there to learn and if they can`t cope because of class sizes that`s not my fault nor my childs fault.... What gets me is they`re quick to take your school fees ..... Just a note....I`m not bagging all teachers here either...It just seems to be this particular school ....Daniel`s last school also had very large quantities of children in the one class...They didn`t give me the excuse that because of the amount of children in the one class he won`t get the attention he needs.... They instead did something about it and gave him the extra tutoring he needed.... This new school has a very funny way of dealing with kids and parents who need extra support.... So I will give it a little longer to see whether or not they actually do something about it.... If I get no response in what I call a reasonable length of time then I will go above their heads....Too many kids are left behind because of this very attitude by "some" teachers and I as a mother won`t let this happen....


  1. What a shame the school has such a slack attitude to teaching. I too know there are many public schools doing a wonderful job, and some teachers worth their weight in gold, just a pity when you find out your school isn't one of them.
    Good luck, Daniel certainly deserves to be educated well and that includes being taught in a way that he enjoys so that learning is not dispised.
    My hopes are sent your way.

  2. Hi Mandy,
    This reminds me of when my brood was at school, if a teacher takes a dislike to one, its a b.... of a year, perhaps a face to face with the teacher, and you explain Daniels needs may have some results, if not can he go back to his old school?

  3. Gosh I do hope the school isn't too blind to your sons needs and others like him, for there are many. You are a fair person, you give people a fair go. Good luck and I hope it turns out ok for you all.

  4. It is hard for me to comment as I am a teacher, although not a class teacher anymore . I am retired but I do part time work as a literacy tutor for kids like daniel.I'm not sure how it works for special needs kids in S.A. but I have a friend who had her daughter with special needs in school in Vic but moved here and reckons QLD cater better for these kids. It is true that some schools have better programs for special kids than others. Maybe you need to shop around and ask which schools cater better for students like Daniel. Maybe you could ask for an interview with the principal and ask her/him what programs they have available for students with learning difficulties and how can Daniel get into the program. It usually involves him being assessed and if he is below a certain standard he should be given extra support from a support teacher (remedial). But that is how it happens in QLD I don't know about S.A. Hope you get some satisfaction soon.

  5. I look back to the days when my sons were in school and the sound of the playground still strikes fear in my heart...was there before they began school because of my issues....I do not envy you your decisions and do hope you negotiate an outcome beneficial for your son.
    kind regards,
    lizzie b.

  6. Hi Mandy it's Ken
    How on earth did you get so many Blog friends?
    About Kids and school. I don't have any myself.
    I was all ways in the bottom of the class. I'm what they call a drop out. Now that I'm older I love to read stuff I'm interested in.
    Tomorrow I buy my new camcorder I can't wait!!!
    bye bye