Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gastro is on the rise here

These days it`s hard to tell when my youngest is telling me the truth or not....

Yesterday he and his older brother decided they didn`t want to go to school because they weren`t feeling well, so after much arguing they got their own way...

Then last night I thought he was up to his usual bag of tricks where he was working his way up to having another day off school for today....The moaning and groaning of I don`t feel well...My tummy hurts..'

As parents you have probably heard it once or twice before....

Well suddenly from nowhere he gets up and threw up every where...

Hmmm maybe he was telling me the truth....

Don`t you just hate that feeling of doubting someone only to be proved wrong...lol

He was quite bad last night....

So much so that I had to get a doctor out for him because the vomiting wouldn`t stop...

I have been up most of the night with him as the terrible pains in the stomach that come with Gastro are excruciating....

The doctor gave him something to stop the vomiting (which mind you didn`t work)..

I`ve changed bed sheets and clothes twice throughout the night..

I`ve seen enough spew to last me the rest of the year...

And apparently Gastro is running wild here in Adelaide so becareful and be vigilant everyone...

It`s a bad one, never seen Daniel quite this bad before....


  1. morning... note I never said 'good'.. I feel for you, nothing worse... reminds me of my eldest son when he was 6, woke early, throwing up etc, gave in and let him stay home from school.. to cut along story short , 2pm that day he had his appendix out.. my mum couldn't get over the fact that I took him to the doctors!!! (if your not better today, I'll take you tomorrow!!)
    Hope Daniel feels better tomorrow.

  2. its dreadful isn't it Mandy? I had it that bad on my birthday a couple years back and no one sat up with me. I was shivering and crying 'its my birthday!'. I can only hope he gets well very soon and that no one else in your household catches it. And yes, the mess, it is so depressing, I feel for you Mandy, I really do.
    Hope healing comes ASAP, xxx Starry

  3. oh dear, I have one home with the beginning of a cold.thought it might have gone into asthma as his breathing was rattly this morning...

    I'll take a cold any day....good luck with it, hope Daniel picks up!


  4. Gah! what we do without Mums like you?...jeez poor little bugger :(

  5. Oh no!
    Gastro is the WORST!
    Hope you all get better soon!
    Yep...I'm guilty...I never know when to believe if they are sick or not...one too many fake sickies I'm afraid and I also have the drama king and queen...you know...Oh I'm dying....I have a tiny little sniffle! LOL

  6. Bevally hubby thought the same thing about Daniel being his appendix....The thought had never crossed my mind...Thankfully it was just gastro though...I`m like that myself (usually) taking them to the doctors the next day but he was in quite a lot of pain last night so hence the doctor visit....

    He has been very quiet today, not moving much but is on the mend...

  7. Hi Starry omg that would have been awful for you....
    The pain that comes with gastro is so debilitating and I feel for anyone who is struck down with it...You can totally understand why it`s so worrying when the elderly or young come down with it as it quickly dehydrates you....He has been happy with the knowledge that he can have plenty of ice blocks today...lol

  8. Hi Kim...
    The change of seasons is here...So much sickness getting around...Hope your little fellow gets better quickly also...I do hate to see any of my kids sick and if I could I would gladly take it from them...

  9. Hi Shazam as mothers we do what we have to do....The joys of being a parent...

  10. HiSassy....Yep a bad case of ...He has been knocled out most of the day and now he is sleeping like a baby in MY bed....lol...Looks like i`ll be getting the couch tonight...What fun...lol
    Little buggers, you just don`t know when they are telling the truth...hahaha

  11. Reminds me of the time I sent Kathy to school when she was complaining of being sick and I wasn't in the mood for it.....she threw up all over the class room floor and has never let me forget it.

    Hope he is feeling better soon

  12. Hi Mandy it's Ken
    I'm having a great day.
    I have not been realy sick in a long time.
    I must say I like your music.
    Keep on the lookout for April fools jokes today.
    There was a warning yesterday that a new computer bug was to attack.
    Bugger I gotta take my phone into town to take photos.
    It's still summer here in queesland.
    I have all most got my camcoder sorted out.
    I gotta go cya