Wednesday, March 5, 2008

When is this heat going to end

March already...I can`t believe how quickly the time is flying...It`s been a horrible week weather wise here..Stinking hot and it`s only getting worse....Hottest March in 68 years...Bloody weather, i`m so over it....The heat got to Krystal and Daniel today , so much so that when they got home from school tonight they both passed out and slept for hours.....
I had a trying afternoon yesterday when I had to pick Daniel up from school....The car decided it wasn`t going to take us home...Fantastic....Here we are stranded at school trying to work out what was wrong with the car.....I ended up having to ring my ex father in law god bless him and he came to our rescue...Turns out the battery terminal was dirty and loose , even though that was the first thing I checked.....An hour later we were home in the cool.....We are in the RAA but guess whose name it`s in...Yep hubby`s and he wasn`t with me...So had to happen though because I had a specialists appointment straight after picking Daniel up from school....Obviously I wasn`t meant to go.....
How about Andrew Symonds, god I love him....I reckon he`ll make an excellent rugby the ICC had of fined him for his great hip and shoulder tackle i`m pretty sure the Australian public would have been up in arms....Personally me, well I would have used the bat on the idiot....The weather must have made the spectators a bit loopy that night as it was the second person to have run out onto the pitch that night....A nail biting game in the end...


  1. hiya, sorry don't watch the cricket but saw the streaker get flattened by that bloke with the hair. bloody idiot. it's been a bit hairy with the cricket this year hey? they are all as bad as each other imo but what do i know? not much really. :) stay cool if you can. it's nearly the weekend so that's got to be good. :) yevisha

  2. I think they should allow people to run around nude for 10 minutes after the games would be great fun!!

  3. Hello Mandy,
    You certainly have had a trying time. Was a good game of cricket, I actually watched it after dinner and enjoyed. I didn't see that streaker but saw the footage.
    It must be hot over your way was only 29deg here today where I live in Tassie....
    Take care, and keep kwell!

  4. HI day here today..gee I wish the weather would make its mind up.

  5. Hey Mandy....dont get me started on the weather.....I'm over it!!!

    They are now saying that if it gets to 35 (I think) on Tuesday it will be the longest hot spell EVER!! dont need that in my lifetime....

    10 kilos - you go girl!!! Well done.....

    So it looks like you have bailed from the pond....thinking it has dried up???

    Stay cool!!!

  6. good comment mr nong. i have a mental pic of all those naked people on the oval. omg