Saturday, March 8, 2008

And so it begins

Good on you Mr Rudd....You have now crippled those people who choose to save your government millions of dollars a year by staying at home and caring for their sick relatives, rather than having them placed in homes....You pay them back by scraping the $1600 a year that they solely rely on to make ends meet.....Yep you sure are looking after the carer`s of Australia....I`d like to see you or anyone in your government walk in their shoes for a day and see how you cope financially . mentally and physically....A job well done Mr Rudd.


  1. Yeah its rotten that Labour are going to scrap the carers bonus...we have received it for James - luckily we both can work (albeit at the cost of my health these days) but I really feel sorry for those that can least afford to lose it....

    What happened to your BB?

  2. I think it is just speculation that it is going to be scrapped at this point.
    But Rudd is a wanker anyway!

  3. Rudd has no idea ~ you said it in one Mandy Id like to see him spend the day in the shoes of a person raising a disabled child ~ then again his 16 year old son has a nanny ~ makes you wonder how much thats costs! Mr Rudd you are hurting the people that raise the children /adults ~ its not bad enough there is no funding for programs Our children desperately need now your going to take away the small amount that we are able to provide these children/ adults a treat. Wake up Mate!

  4. well said, i couldn't agree more.

  5. Hey Mandy!
    Just dropping by to say hi!!
    I still haven't had any luck getting PAID work.... centrelink will be on my back as soon as my baby turns 6!!
    I love the picture... sperm... frogs!!! I haven't had sex for so long ... I think I would have forgotten how?!! LOL
    Hope you guys are all well?
    The heat? we didn't get summer this year!! it probably got to 28 three times?? Not sure I'd want your kind of temps though! LOL
    Take care!
    Sorry for being such a lousy... neglectful friend!!

  6. HI Mandy..small voices in unison can be loud..they heard you alright..back peddling and seems like it still will be paid.