Monday, March 24, 2008

Entering a big event

My boy certainly did get eaten alive whilst out fishing the other day....At last count it was 85 mosquito bites on his arms and legs and is he suffering....I`ve covered him in cream to alleviate the itchiness but he is still scratching to the point of bleeding...Unfortunately he is alot like me when it comes to those wretched mossie bites.... He has a big day tomorrow as he is competing in SAPSASA....Never has he shown an interest in playing or getting involved in this kind of activity but this year he has been keen.... He is competing in the shot put event....Also possibly the 100 metre run....He is so excited he has allocated time off school for Joshua and Krystal to attend the event much to my So it will be up early tomorrow to get him prepared....At least the weather will be cool for the day... Have a great week...


  1. Hi Mandy,

    Wow......I know how bad it is with one mossie must be absolute torture with 85 of them :(

    Have fun at the sporting event...I'm sure the kids will. I bet that they're delighted about getting a 'school free' day.



  2. I am assuming it is an athletics carnival?? Is is a school one or state?? do tell..we have school ones and then you can progress to area ones and then state ones..
    good for him for having a go and being keen.

    I can sympathise with the mossie bites . I too am like that.

  3. hi mandy, i can sympathise with the mozzie bites. poor thing. wish him lots of luck in the sporting thingy. ;)