Wednesday, March 19, 2008


It`s that time of year again...Where does the time go????
Well I went out and finalised the easter egg shopping today...I didn`t go overboard this year much to my surprise...And I have resisted the urge of buying myself an easter chocky or two...However a few prawns won`t go astray...Oh and the tartare sauce...mmmmm can taste it now..Roll on Good
Not much happening over this break...Krystal is working Saturday and Sunday so we`ll probably just go visit some of Matt`s family....
Over the past week i`ve had to deal with centrelink as Krystal in turning 16 in the near future...So it`s on to youth allowance for her...I thought I`d go into one of their offices today to grab a claim form but the man I spoke with said it`s much easier and faster if you do it online...Soon we won`t be needing pen and paper....It`ll be phased out, a thing of the
Whatever your plans over this easter holiday have a happy and safe break....


  1. hope you have a good easter break too mandy. relax and enjoy. weather should be good. it's my g/daughter's b/day on good friday. she's 8. going to see them. i was going to go to wallaroo to visit with my sister but have decided to stay home and clean and clear. i've got the urge again. oh dear. :) haven't bought any eggs yet. but had an urge for a hot x bun. hmmm. was nice though. take care. ;) Fran

  2. Yep, Happy Bunny chomping to you and your lot.

    But remember please do not eat the genitals first....Its evil.