Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A bit of everything

Let`s just say there are going to be a few nervous people come this May budget....It seems that the government are waivering also through the pressure of the small people being up in arms about abolishing the pensioners and carers anual bonus....It`s going to be an interesting next few months until D DAY....
On the home front it`s been a rather trying month...Matt`s health has been up and down....He has been having alot of seizures especially one`s in his sleep....I believe alot of it has to do with this rotten bloody weather we`ve been enduring and what`s worse is there is no end in sight....Come on Autumn we need you to show yourself.....Finally Matt has come to terms that he is suffering with a slight case of depression... let`s face it, with what he goes through who wouldn`t!!!!...So now he has asked to be placed on anti-depressants and even though it is early days it seems to be working....His mood swings are less frequent and now I can finally talk to him without him taking things the wrong way..Phew thank goodness for that...lol
We had a surprise visit from Matt`s youngest daughter yesterday.....It seems she is going very well with her job and going places in it....She also has met a lovely man who we met yesterday and they both seem happy together...So much so that they are living together....We did find out that Matt`s daughter had a bit of an altercation with the eldest daughter....They had what I call a typical sister punch up....lol...Not funny really as the youngest one came out second best so it seems...Two black eyes and a hell of a lot of bruises....The youngest daughter is not at all happy with the eldest one and she was meant to be one of the brides maids in her wedding...She basically told her where to shove her wedding and find someone else....I did try and tell her that things will calm down and they`ll both work their differences out but at this stage she (the youngest) isn`t quite ready to be at that stage yet....Dad wants to mediate but i`ve told him it`s best if they work things out themselves...
Well that`s about it for today...I have Daniel home on a pupil free day today and he is bored, bored , bored...lol...Best be off before he does something i`ll regret....Have a great week everyone....


  1. Hello Many,
    Will be very interesting to see what turns up in the budget! I think the Government throw ideas out to us to see what our reaction is, then act how they want to.
    Good to hear Matt is feeling a little better, it must be hard on him, you and the family.
    What weather you have had, heard tonight a record for the heat.
    Take care and keep cool :)

  2. i'm working late today so thought i'd have a look at your page. glad matt is feeling better. sisters fight sounds nasty coming to blows. bit ott. weddings are exciting aren't they. as for the budget omg. let's hope they do the least amount of damage possible. they won't but we can hope. :( have a good day. bfn yevisha

  3. Its good you have a keen eye mandy....you need to watch the change in matt and between you and him discuss with the doctor whether the type of tablets he is on is working. He may need a different dose or a different medication....Work together on it to get the best results :)

  4. I wish they had pupil free days when I was at school.

    Hope the weather has cooled down a bit for you and it helps Matt sleep better without seizures.

    Sisters having a punch up sounds like something me and my sister Sue would do....oh yeah we did...lol

  5. Wow..something for my kids to achieve too..LOL..they certainly are heading that way at times..hope they sort things out.

    How are you coping with all this terrible HOT weather over there??

    Hope you are all Ok..

  6. lil harry we aren`t coping at all....This weather is bringing out the worst in all of us....

    I`ve had to keep the kids off school today as we`re heading for 40 degrees and they just aren`t sleeping of a night....
    Come on Autumn where the bloody hell are you....

  7. HI Mandy..been watching the weather..hope things cool down soon for you all.