Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More teenage woe`s

Momma`s in the bad books again... Not with anyone in my family but with Joshua`s girlfriend... She told one too many lies to me and today was the last straw... You see Joshua came home sick today from school...Some stomach bug...So that was ok but what wasn`t ok was he had a tag along...His girlfriend...I was told she wasn`t feeling well either and supposedly her mother knew... Yeah right!!!!...It worked the first time you told me this but i`ve wisened up to your little game.... So I tried to ring the mother all to no avail....Next best thing was an sms....The mother eventually rang me after she had finished work and she was furious... No , no not with me...Phew !!! With her daughter and my son.... She had no idea that this was going on...Apparently the mother has been having alsorts of problems with her daughter (lying, dis-respect) you know , all the normal stuff when dealing with teenagers.... The mother and I had a good talk and it seems that both these kids are dragging each other down especially when it comes to their school work..It`s basically non existent...If they put as much effort into their schooling as what they did their relationship we would have some pretty smart kids on our hands.... Remember we are dealing with 14 year olds here and the way they are carrying on any one would think they were in their 20`s.... So her mother has made a stand...She is taking her daughter out of the school which they both attend together...Hopefully putting some space between the two of them...They need to have other friends other than each other and both of us as parents think it`s unhealthy for the two to be spending as much time as they are together especially because of their age.... The girlfriend has been on the phone to Joshua tonight again ( this is a nightly ritual) and she reckons I don`t like her...Little does she realise I did this for her own good....Hopefully she will thank me for it down the track... In the meantime I won`t hold my


  1. Good Morning Mandy,
    Teenagers are such fun!!!...always pushing the parental boundaries. I still remember the headaches and will pass.
    Kind regards, Elizabeth

  2. hi mandy, i have to agree with elizabeth. been there, done that. nearly killed me at the time but i survived. sometimes my daughter is almost grown up now, not often but sometimes. :) stay strong. Fran

  3. Hi Mandy,

    The joys of parenthood.....hehehehe. Sounds like my kids were a lot easier on me than most kids are on their parents.

    Perhaps life knew that I wouldn't be able to handle it as well as you.



  4. Hey you def did the right would want a call/sms if the shoe was on the other foot.

    Hopefully they both will realise in time that you both love them and just want them to focus ontheir education to help them on their lives journey.

    hope Joshua isn't too angry with you too..

    the joys of kids..LOL