Sunday, March 23, 2008

A day of rest (highly unusual for me)

I did the unthinkable today... Absolutely nothing.... Everyone else in the family was outside being busy and here little old me sat on the computer (which I may add I haven`t done in sometime) and played games.... Matt was out doing the hedging and stumbled across a european wasps nest....Did he know about it...The buggars came flying out at him and he was stung on the hand by one.... He was in severe pain for at least an hour from the sting....Geez they are nasty pieces of work... We had a visit from the older two kids father this afternoon... No one has seen or been able to get in contact with him for the past 2 months....He had his phone turned off deliberately as he seems to think he is being followed by an unknown person...He caught someone taking photo`s of him so now he has become some what paranoid that he is being stalked.... In actual fact he probably has good reason for being this way as he does hang with the wrong sorts of people....I really don`t like the idea that he comes to our place if this is the case as you just never know what can happen.... The visit was short thank goodness as once I heard of what he has been up too I started to feel a bit nervous and wanted him gone....We probably won`t see him again for another 2 months.... It`s a good thing that my two kids are old enough to not fret about their dad...They are too busy with their own lives these days and with such a busy social life they don`t really miss him....Infact they are both out tonight on sleepovers....So just the young man home tonight and he is busy playing his playstation.... I did indulge myself today with a couple of pieces of TOBLERONE....I bought Matt some for Easter and he kindly shared with me....Oh well it won`t hurt the diet too much.... That`s what i`ll keep telling


  1. Hi Mandy, Happy Easter .. well, we never know what's around the corner do we. Niki and I aren't talking so it's been a shit of an Easter. Fed's been here and took me up to drop eggs off to kids.
    I wonder what next week will bring. It cost me $133 for a new power supply for pc. New speakers $50. Hope to get camera up and away this week (I'll take a picture of my new ring).

    Trying to make a video at the moment. love to you lynne

  2. hi Mandy..everyone deserves a day to themselves..good for you. Hope Matt is ok after the wasps sting..ouch..and 'nice' that the kids dad turned up..oh.well..

    how is Joshua going lately?? how is the room??

    when he goes backto school youcould go in there..if you are game and bag it all..he can earn what he needs back..takes strong resolve but is do-able..

    I have told my kids friends that they can talk to kids after room or whatever is finished..they hate me but it gets done the hard way. LOL..

    we have wet weather here at moment and is a bit is your weather going there?

  3. ps..according to my EX our 17 yr old son is similar..eats in his room ..never comes out..doesn't talk to him..comes out for the phone and computer only..LOL..( though he keeps his room imaculate- always has - the only one who does and he lives with his father!!LOL)

  4. Hi Mandy,

    Since retiring I have had many days where I have just sat on the computer discussing shares on share market forums all day and felt guilty about it afterwards. There are plenty of things that need doing but there isn't the urgency to do them any more because you know there's plenty of time.

    I love Toblerone. It's my only indulgence. I get one of those $8 bars every week and have a piece every night.......absolutely love it....LOL



  5. ahhh, i can relate to all of these comments. not talking to daughter, (i am at the moment), kids rooms, yuk, my daughter had the worst room. i took a photo once. a racehorse would have trouble jumping over the pile, i exaggerate of course. Toblerone. Yummo. Wasps, no never been bitten thank goodness. I hope matt is ok after that. I hope you will report it to the council. They’ll send someone around to remove the nest. sitting around and wasting time. i hope your easter break has been a good one. it's been lovely weather hasn't it? too nice. i'm cleaning and clearing today. have done quite a few cupboards. have a good day. :)