Thursday, March 20, 2008

The last 3 days there has been a butting of heads going on between my teenage son and myself, who is going to be the leader of the pack... It hasn`t been a pretty sight...I`m at a loss on which way to tackle him....He totally dis -respects me and the rules I have in place, yet expects to still be paid an allowance.... I don`t think i`ve been too strict as all the kids have chores to be done ....It`s your general clean up after yourself and the main one is to have a clean room... Well my son thinks he is above the call of duty and he would rather live in a pig stye...That`s all good and well but when the pig stye begins to smell like one and the stench is wafting under the door and into the rest of the house that`s when I draw the line.... I`ve been burning incense at an all time rate to rid the smell..... He comes home from school, goes to his room, comes out to get his tea (when he is ready), then takes his meal into his room...Leaves his plate cups and any other peice of crockery in there for up to a week....Totally ignores me when I ask him to bring out his dishes....Then when the girlfriend rings he dashes out of his room gets the phone and then its back to the room for the rest of the evening... This has been going on for too long so last night was the last straw for me...After an hour of being on the phone I asked him to rap it up....15 minutes later he was still on the phone...Again I said to him say your goodbyes please as you still have this room to clean....10 minutes later I walked into the abyss of a room and he was still on the phone...I saw red as you can imagine...Told Krystal I was sorry for what i`m about to do...Said to her give me 5 minutes please...She sat there dumb founded as I went to the phone connection on the wall and pulled the plug.... So what happens his mobile rings and it`s the girlfriend again....This time Krystal saw red and told him off...He said it`s his phone and he pays for the credit so he can do what he wants when he wants with his phone...Grrrr... So the room still didn`t get done.... Then I find out this morning that he will be going to his nana`s after school and asking her if he can stay with her for a few days....All because i`m trying to put a bit of discipline into his life....Let`s just say it won`t be happening....He is a monster of a child who thinks when the tough gets going he can walk away from the problem....His father may have done that but i`ll be damed if he thinks I will let him do the same thing....


  1. If he has a tv in his room take it out.
    Same as the pc.

  2. Hi Mandy,
    I think that teenagers are sent to send us all crazy. All teenage boys smell! What is it Testosterone or something? All I can say is it doesn't get much better for a while yet. All I can offer is a long distance HUG and a Rainbow.
    Have a safe and happy Easter weekend.

  3. Hello Mandy,
    Seems you spat it!
    Does his mobile ring in the middle of the night?
    Whispers from the room, oh how I remember that.
    Have a lovely Easter,
    Take care,

  4. Hello Gorgeous Girl and of course Matthew, Krystal, Joshua and Daniel...Hope you are having a great Easter Break and enjoying the rest.

    Sent you an email!!!!

    Don't play Joshua's mistakes against do not have to apologize to Krystal when disciplining are the mother take the upper hand.....don't let Joshua dictate to you!

    Seems you have it in control, hope you didn't allow Joshua to go to his Grandparents......easy way out for him.....must learn life is not easy!

    Love always....from ME!

  5. I smell a rat (a chemical rat).
    PS You won't beat him (yet) this goes on for a year or two. Do his room while he's at school you may find a clue to his behaviour, cut his allowance. But, try and juggle this with love - smiles. They do come back to earth eventually.

  6. Hi Mandy,

    Hmmmmm that's a tough one. Fortunately when my kids were small you were still allowed to discipline them and not be thrown in jail. Consequently I never had the problem and they still loved me anyway.

    I think that in the new environment, Minerva probably has the right combination and Barry Nong's idea of depriving him of anything that's in his room that belongs to you on occasion as a negotiation tool is probably good too.

    Good luck


  7. Good Morning Mandy,
    Trust your Easter break thus far has been peaceful...Kind regards, Elizabeth