Monday, March 17, 2008

Only one more day to get through this heat wave....Cool change expected to pass through tonight thank goodness....The kids treked off to school today after not having much in the way of sleep last night...Even though we had the air con on it was still a warm night....Daniel is suffering from having blood noses and naturally the world is coming to an end when it
Yesterday the kids and I braved the heat and went out to my ex in laws for a BBQ lunch...It ended up being more tea than lunch as it was just too hot to go outside and cook...It was a lovely afternoon where lots of food was consumed and also lot`s of cool drink....I made sweets and decided to take Brandy Snaps and they were certainly snapped up....It was a nice change to have someone else cook a meal...For some reason it always tastes that much better....
I was able to catch up with alot of friends that I hadn`t seen for nearly 20 years...They reckon I hadn`t changed a bit...Not sure whether that was a good thing or
Well just counting down the hours now till the cool weather...Take care and have a great week....Oh and Have a good ST PATRICKS DAY!!!!!


  1. That cat's priceless.
    PS Why don't we all put up our fav. recipe. e.g. wouldn't mind your brandy snap one!!

  2. As for my recipe lynne it`s soooo easy....Go to the supermarket and buy the brandy snaps already made...Buy some cream, whip it and then fill the snaps with the cream...How easy is that...My kind of

  3. G'day, hope that cooler weather comes for you.
    Cats hate getting wet, good pic.

  4. Hi Doug...Yes the cooler weather arrived as promised...The house will take a few days to cool down though but it`s lovely to walk outside and feel a lovely cool breeze....

  5. So glad to hear the cool weather has arrived..must be a huge relief.. I forgot all about St Pats day this year until Nic came home saying they had green beer atthe Uni bar!! they have agreat life thses Uni students..LOL

    sound like you had a great time at good to catch up with friends and I recken looking the same is a good thing.

  6. Hello Mandy,
    My goodness you certainly have had it hot over there.
    Sound like you had a good day at the BBQ..
    It's been nice and warm here and we have been painting, one more room to go.
    Take care,