Sunday, December 14, 2008

A lot to get done in the next few days

It`s my boys birthday tomorrow...15 years old already...Geez i`m feeling old now....
I say it every year with my kids...It only feels like last year that they were babies....
Not sure what plans he has but i`m sure he will think of something....
It also means that with his birthday tomorrow there is only 10 days to Christmas...Scared yet???
My daughter has her own plans whilst we are away....Painting and redecorating her bedroom....She has gone out and bought the paint and other neccessary items to have the job done.....Knowing missy she`ll have the boys, being her brother and boyfriend at her beck and call so the job can be completed before I arrive home....
Well we`ll be at the travel agents tomorrow morning paying for our trip and so Thursday should be our departure day....I`m a little scared to be honest...I`ve been having awful nightmares about the ferry sinking on us....Stupid I know but even when I go out in our own boat I have some horrific nightmares.....Very gruesome.....Just an over active imagination...That`s what I keep telling
I have a lot to get organised in the next 3 days and the major one will be writing a list of the do`s , don`ts and have too`s....They`ll soon see what mother does on a daily basis.....


  1. don't worry about the ferry, you'll be fine. i hope you enjoy your hols. happy b/day to Joshua for tomorrow. i'm starting to make lists too. the shops are crazy.

  2. Everyone tells me that it will be ok...Just the thought of that ocean and not much land in went to the shops this morning , had to drop Krystal off to work...By 11am it was crazy already....One bloke has his car smashed by an F100.....Looked like a lot of damage...But F100`s will do that to a car....

  3. I hope you have a great holiday and Happy Birthday to Joshua 15 hey boy time flies, Blain was 3 on Friday.

    Yes Christmas will be here in a blink of an eye.

  4. Evening Mandy
    Just home from the annual Worldwide Candle Lighting for The Compassionate Friends. Jezz certainly did not approve of the balloon release. The first balloon burst and the second escaped. I gave up.
    Regarding the ferry fear. After very interesting session with a kiniesologist yesterday I suggest when that thought comes that you change it and see yourself having a wonderful ferry ride.
    Sounds like Krystal is one smart girl. Who will be looking after the kitten?
    Good luck tomorrow with booking

  5. Evening Jo-anne....

    Thanks for that...
    Blain 3 already, my goodness he is growing up so quickly....

    Yep 10 more sleeps....The kids can`t

  6. Hello Chez...Sounds like there was definitely some intervention going on there...

    Yes I must change my thoughts...Think happy thoughts.....

    My girl is certainly growing up into quite the young woman....I`m lucky with her as she has given me no grief in her upbringing...A blessing really...

    Oh the owner decided to come home`ll definitely be watching the cat...It`s running amok at the moment....If it breaks one more thing of mine I`ll go

  7. Happy Birthday to your boy, Joshua.
    I bet you don't worry too much about getting in a car and driving down the road and there is more danger in that than on a ferry. Chez has the best advice.
    By the way Chez is having Blogger problems, see her comments on my blog (as anonymus because it wont accept her URL). Can you help her, I'm bushed.

  8. Hi Mandy, I see the MC Hammer teasing has made it into the playlist, wear those pants with pride! Happy birthday to 'stud boy' Josh, I am sure the girlfriend will be in the core of his plans... Wow your trip will be here before you know it, I hope you have a wondeful time, I believe you will have a safe and happy trip. xxx Starry

  9. Just dont leave home without the saves a very messy trip!