Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Home safe

Here we are already on the eve of Christmas eve....Where has the time gone???? As you can see we arrived home safe and well...My excellent driving skills of course.... I had worked myself up so much on the journey over there that I nearly barfed on the ferry.....Would not have lived that one down...A quick exit to the top deck for some fresh air and I was fine.... It`s been many years since I have been on the sea and had forgotten that feeling.... Kangaroo Island is such a beautiful place, I fell in love with it...The people are lovely and so friendly...I was in my element chatting away to anyone and everyone....A nice place to visit but I wouldn`t live there...Not for another 20 years or so...Too quiet and not enough shops for my liking... Where we stayed the owners were new themselves...They made the sea change from Melbourne 3 months ago and are loving it there....Daniel made friends with their son and were inseperable for the whole time....They have swapped email addresses and will keep in contact....The son didn`t want us to leave.... I went camera mad but haven`t had a chance to up load the pictures yet...Hopefully I`ll get a chance later tonight... Unfortunately I didn`t get to see half of what I wanted too...As you know we took Matt`s 82 year old mother and it was a struggle for her to get around freely....So it looks like we`ll have to organise another time for us to go back....She did have a relaxing time though and this will probably be her last holiday she goes on.... Daniel and I went to Seal Bay and it was incredible....To see nature at it`s best I was just in aww about it....Everywhere you travelled on the island there were different animals to see....The people who live on the island are truly blessed to have such beauty on their doorstep... Now we are back in the rat race.....The house is still standing and by the looks of things nothing is broken....The house was tidy (kid tidy) not mine...lol....So now we have to take Matt`s mother home and then food shop...Joshua has eaten absolutely everything in the fridge and freezer.... I have two boys who will be going on diets after Christmas....They both need to lose at least 15 kilo`s each.... Oh and yes they apparently did miss me...Krystal rang me every single day whilst away and Joshua now knows how much I do around this place....Still yet to have this big talk with both my kids which will probably take place over the next few days....I did a lot of soul searching as I had plenty of time to think.....

I have read your responses to my previous post and taken on board what you have said... They have a different mother home now .....

Lastly I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas....Enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends....


  1. Glad you had a good time Mandy... and came home refreshed....I've had some consistent sleep the last few days (well since my post here) and a few nights out so am feeling better.

    Kids are actually jumping on the spot at times which is driving me insane...they have 2 days in Vacation care in January - other than that it is going to be a very long 5 weeks!

    Wishing you and the family a lovely Christmas and a better year in 2009...

  2. Mandy this all sounds good. Possibly the family had the opportunity to do some 'soul' searching also and have come to the conclusion that you deserve so much more.

    I am hoping to get one more done Christmas Eve if not, my very best wish to you and the family.

    Thanks for the fun and friendship of this journey.

  3. Told you it would be a safe and healthy trip! I am so glad you had a wonderful time, and looking forward to going back. You must have done a good job with your kids, you trusted them, and the house was still standing, no signs of a party.... good kids, even if they do take you for granted a bit.

    Merry Christmas Mandy, and all the family and friends, have a safe and happy time, and I will catch you after we get a chance to unwind from it all! xxx Starry

  4. hiya Mandy, glad you are back, i missed you. my late husband was born on KI. his father was the postmaster there for many years. i used to hear horror stories about the old ship that did the crossing before the ferry. he always wanted to take us over for a holiday but it didn't happen. i should go one day. it's beautiful scenery and lovely and quiet, sounds good atm. you sound refreshed and it also sounds like the hol. did you some good. if i don't catch up with you before (ha, like that will happen), have a wonderful Christmas. i hope 2009 is a much better year for all of us. have i said this before? it sounds familiar. hahahahaha i got another Christmas card tonight from my sister's mother in law. she's getting forgetful lately, is getting on. :)

  5. Welcome back. Glad you had a good holiday and all was well when you arrived home. Looking forward to some pics.
    Hope you had a nice christmas without too much stress.