Monday, February 4, 2008

Up bright and early...YAWN

How difficult is it trying to keep a dog away from food????? Hobbles has a trip to the vet today to take care of his manly business and all I seem to have been doing since 6pm last night is follow him every where to make sure he doesn`t sneak in any food....And I can tell you it aint been knew I should have studied to become a vet in my younger days.....$150 it`s going to cost....
On a different note it seems because our local government changed all the bus routes AGAIN, Joshua has to leave home to catch a bus for school at 7:15am which of course means mum has to get him up at 6:45 am... Then we have Krystal who has to be woken at 7am and then Daniel last but not least 7:30 am.....I hear you say "Why don`t they have their own alarm clocks"?.....Good question but I`m afraid the little bugga`s won`t use them...I`m their alarm clock as i`m one persistent person if they choose to ignore....I remember one morning Krystal chose to ignore me and after the 3rd call out came a glass of water poured on her head....She soon got up out of
My nights viewing was spoilt by the cricket being washed out at the Gabba last night.....Ended up having to watch Bruce Almighty which i`ve seen plenty of times before...Oh well the kids enjoyed it.....How about sharing some of that rain people.....We`re still waiting for ours...


  1. hi mandy, that dog looks just like my daughter's dog. amazing. hog's breath is nice. steaks are good. i heard that they simmer them first and then grill them. sounds a bit strange. sorry about the cricket. funny that your kids are all on different times to wake up. and not surprising that you are the alarm clock. typical. yes i'm leaving very early tomorrow morning. my sister will be here sometime today. still got a few things to do and my suitcase is chockers already. oh dear. :( will catch up when i get back. bfn

  2. hi Mandy..mums are always the alarm clock!! what kids is going to willingly get up bright and early for school?? LOL

    My household is staggered like yours for wakeups..but makes it easier on the bathroom rush!!

    hope the dog behaves himself today for you at the vets..they cost an arm and a leg!!

  3. Hi Mandy,
    Tad is up at 5am, even though her school is the local one. As a senior her class start before 8am. Hubby is up at 5.45am, Me I am the last as I have to keep out of the way. Homecare arrive at 7.55am to shower me for the day.
    LOL re the dog. At least Princess will not touch food unless she is given permission to eat. But it is difficult- they tend to look at you and drool.
    Hugs and rainbows

  4. Hello Mandy,
    I hope your dog is ok, they are like our children we worry about them.
    I just had to laugh at what you wrote about the glass of water for Krystal, I had that done to me once because I was dreadful for getting out of bed.
    As far as the buses go, if it's working well they change the system, that is Murphy's Law.
    Take care,

  5. I remember when my girls where in school they didn't have a set bedtime but if I had to tell them more then 2 times to get up for school then I would make them go to bed between 8.30 and 9pm which they hated. So didn't have many times they didn't get up when called.

    I hate getting up early I am not a morning person but we all have to do things we don't like from time to time.

    Yep you just get use to one bus time table and they go and change it on your just to make life difficult.

  6. Hi Mandy,

    We took Joshe our 11.5 year old Labrador for his annual checkup this morning for injections, worm tables, etc. We left the vet minus $278. I told them that we wouldn't be eating for the next month.....hehehehehe.

    You can have some of our rain. We have had the average February rainfall in the last 4 days according to the papers.

    How does that poem of droughts and flooding rains...



  7. You could tie a peice of string to his balls and tie it to the door knob and then slam the door.

    No hang on! Thats for teeth!