Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Please forgive me for it`s been ages between blogs

My I have been slack when it comes to being on the computer and to be honest I have no excuses...Hope everyone has been keeping well.....
Not much has been happening here...The weather has been hot which is the norm for here just of late....We actually had to dig out long sleeved tops today as we finally saw a little rain and a very cold breeze...THANK GOD, touch wood it stays cool now....It`s been a very expensive summer as the air conditioner has been on for days if not weeks and let`s say it`s gonna take me a while to pay this bill off....Damn you bill!!!!!!
Kids are good, i`ve got 2 home with me today...Daniel and Krystal...Daniel woke this morning with a lot of gunk in his eyes which I thought may turn into conjunctivitis seeing as it`s going around....So far though it looks ok....Krystal had a swimming carnival on at school today and didn`t want to go into any of the events....Ashame they didn`t have it yesterday when the weather was much hotter...
I`m really getting into this sewing business lately...So far i`ve made 3 skirts and 1 pair of pants....I`m actually enjoying the challenges I create myself by stuffing it
Well that`s it for now folks....I`ll try and catch up with you all...Take care for now...


  1. Hi Mandy,

    Nothing wrong with things quietening down for a while. At least it means that there are no nightmares to go through.....

    We may be joining you on the sewing front in the not too distant fugure. Helen and I have been thinking about saving ourselves a lot of money by making our own curtains.....they are so expensive to buy. So far however I keep on finding other projects to do because once we start I know that there will be a bit of a drain on the money.

    Be grateful for the quiet time that you're going through.



  2. I don't think any of us are going anywhere! I have your RSS so am alerted to any new posts .. well almost

  3. hey Mandy..will have to have a pic of all your sewing being modelled soon!!Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself.

    I agree its good to have things slow done once in awhile.

    Its starting to hot up again here after weeks of rain and cool weather. Its crazy.

    Hope your kids are ok..

  4. Hello Mandy,
    It's nice to have a rest from blogging well it is for me, but I don't seem to have one but that is my own fault :)
    We haven't used our A/C but I bet if we lived where you live we would. I do however like the heat both day & night but not days on end.
    Great to read about your sewing, clever you and how about a picture of what you made? please I had better ask nicely.
    Take care,