Friday, February 22, 2008

This just won`t go away

I`m not sure if I told you or not but we had yet more trouble with this teen who keeps harrassing Joshua....Enough was enough and this time Joshua`s father came down to try to speak to the parents....LMAO....
Yes I laughed and told him it was an absolute waste of your time and energy but he didn`t listen to me, he still went down there....And omg what a carry on...We live probably 10 houses from these people and all you could hear was her screaming at the top of her lungs....It`s all Joshua`s doing...He was the one who attacked her precious son and doing the stalking and harrassing....Oh and get this one, so is Daniel....hahahahahahaha...Yes that`s right people , 10 year old Daniel who couldn`t fight his way out of a wet paper bag...Need I remind you when all of this happened her son was 17....You do the math...10 years to a 17 year old...Now tell me who is the child in this equation... Hmmmmm.....Somewhat a bit of a joke I reckon as her son is the one with a criminal record and he is the one who is currently out on bail with strict bail conditions....I think she needs to take off her rose coloured glasses...It`s fogging her vision.... When Joshua`s father came back it was a I hate to tell you but I told you so....He wanted to see for himself what sort of people we were dealing with....I could have told him that they were the type where there would be no reasoning with them....No sooner had we spoken for about 5 minutes and guess who drove past....The POLICE.... Oh just great....Something major goes on in the street and it takes the police a good half hour to rock up but try and have a discussion to a parent about their child and she was the one doing all the yelling and screaming and it takes 5 minutes to arrive.... So Joshua`s father takes off and leaves me to sort out the problem that he created.....I explained what had happened from beginning to end which all dates back to November last year....They definitely know of this lad and ofcourse his family and basically told us if we have any more trouble with either we need to go through the police...Not directly to the core of the problem....I told them that I have always gone through the right channels (i.e. reporting the incidences to the police)..And a fat lot of good that has done me.... My ex could have been charged with trespassing and so on and so on....So be warned people, when your child is having trouble with a child and you want to go talk with the parent of that child it could be the wrong decision...A joke isn`t it....What ever happened to good old fashioned values...Parents trying to sort out childrens problems civilly....Seems you pretty much can`t do jack shit these days without the tables being turned on you..... I always thought the legal system was for the criminal....What happened the other night seems to have verified it for me....


  1. Shit! You have an interesting street. Someone should make a tv show about it.
    The most interesting thing that happens in my street is me mowing the lawn in my boxers. Oh and last week someone left a shopping trolley in it. Boy did that ever cause a stink!!!

  2. HI glad the EX sorted everything out for you..LOL..sorry..

    great isn't it the way some people can just get away with anything and you, the victom have all the hassles..

  3. Victims have no rights in this country any more everything is on the side of the criminal.

  4. Hi Mandy,

    What a nuisance. It makes you wonder sometimes why these sort of things get thrown up in our lives doesn't it.

    I guess all that you can do is to report any future incidents to the police and keep a record of their response. I wonder if a letter from a solicitor to those people would put the wind up them?



  5. Hello Mandy,
    Oh it's a problem at times is life and what it deals us.
    Everyone is innocent until proven guilty even though we sometimes know differently.
    I hope all settles down as it must be a worry.
    Take care,

  6. Oh gawd Mandy,you forgot to mention that your ex was stoned to the eyeballs and he took along a huge standover mate with him.Enough to make any mother scream I reckon.17 isn't all that old I 'd like to see you if the position as reversed. You look a bit spiteful actually.