Monday, February 11, 2008

A bad start to the week

We had an absolutely horrid morning this morning... Matt and I were woken by our table on the front porch being moved and then we hear a dog barking for a good half hour out the front of our house....5am to be precise... We peered out the door and window but couldn`t see anything as it was still dark that time of morning... Eventually our neighbour went out and yelled at the dog.... We didn`t think anymore of it and finally went back to sleep..... The kids were also tired as they heard alot of the commotion going on.... So having tired miserable kids was enough to deal with.... I kissed Krystal goodbye for the day and as usual wished her a good one.... Half a minute later I hear her come back into the house bawling her eyes out and I thought omg what has happened to her.... Then she blurted out Suzie is dead....She`s on the footpath out the front of our house.... I went flying out the house with Daniel not far behind me and sure enough there was her tiny little body lying on the foot path.... Obviously that was the noise we heard this morning...This dog had come into our yard and attacked our cat.... I tried to comfort the kids and tell them that she had a good life as she was 12 years old.....It didn`t help them any..... I`m not very good with dead animals myself and I had tears trying to work their way out.... Not something you want to deal with at 7:30 am..... Trying to get Daniel off to school after such an event was very difficult as he is an emotional child at the best of times....His little face was bright red from crying so I wrote the teacher a note to tell her he will be a bit upset today.... I`ll have to see the neighbour tonight when he finishes work and find out whether he saw the dog and if it`s a known one to the area.... RIP SUZIE!!!!!... You`ll be sadly missed....


  1. OMG..I am so sorry..I hope the kids and you are feeling a little better.

    What a horrible experience for you all..

  2. Hey Mandy,
    Sorry to hear about your pussy cat, it's not just the death of your cat but the how that I find so upsetting....
    I've just been catching up on your posts!!! (sorry for neglecting you! I'm a terrible friend!)
    That bastard!!! hitting Daniel!!! and the police!!! do they ever do anything? or just sit around taking statements?!

  3. Hi lil harry....
    Well after doing some investigating I found out it was someone`s dog that lives in the street and it`s not a very nice dog...It`s attacked me once before trying to get to our cat.....

    I think i`ll be making a phone call tomorrow to the council to see what I can do about it all....

  4. Sassy, sassy, sassy....

    Nice to hear from you my friend and about bloody everything has been ok with you...I worry when I don`t hear from you....

    No is the answer to the police....But luckily Daniel understands that it`s not a very nice family to be around anyway....

    As for this guy I wouldn`t want to be him if Matt gets a hold of

    Now I hope you`re not going to be a stranger...Keep in touch woman....

  5. HEHEHE!!
    Time has just gotten away from me!!
    The kids have been so tired!!! you would think they had never been to school before!!!
    NO brawls!!!LOL.... but if you have to..??? video tape it!! I want to see!!! LOL
    Hope Matt is feeling better?
    You speachless? never!!
    I'd better go check on facebook?!!

  6. Hello Mandy,
    I am so sorry to read about your cat. Must have been horrid for Krystal to find it like that. I am sure your cat had a wonderful 12 loving years with you and your family.
    Take care,

  7. Hi Mandy,

    I wasn't sure who Suzie was at first. I thought it may have been a friend of Kystal's. Sorry to hear about your cat.....I know what it's like to lose a family pet, especially for the kids.

    I thought your year was going to be a good started off so well. What did you do, kill a Chinaman in your last life??



  8. The only thing worse then Krystal finding the cat would have been Daniel finding it.

    I hope something can be done about the dog that attacked and killed the cat as I think it is so wrong for animals to rome the streets at night.

  9. I an sorry ..
    To hear about your moggy
    RIP lil suzie