Monday, February 25, 2008

I did the enevitable

Today i`ve finally bitten the bullet on the swimming pool....I couldn`t handle the fixing and patching any longer , so up she came with avengeance....Hammers are a wonderful we need another pool next summer a new one will be bought....It had five years worth of swimming , jumping and bombing done by the kids so I got my money`s worth....Let`s face it you can only patch things for so long and if I kept perservering with it my sanity , what I have left may have quickly
We actually had a cool weekend which was lovely for a change....Even rain people....We nearly fell over backwards and I had to remember where the window wipers for the car were....Today is like a perfect spring day...Just right for some long overdue gardening....A little at a time of course....Can`t over do these things you know....
My dieting is going really well at present...I`ve lost nearly 10 kilo`s so far and i`m on the home run now....Only another 10 to go and i`ll be went out and bought myself some bathroom scales and couldn`t believe how much weight I had actually put on....It`s always easy to put on but a pain in the butt to get off.....Well at least I can see my hard work is paying off.....


  1. will you post a bikini pic when you drop another 10kilos??

  2. Hi Mandy!
    Rub it in! (congrats on the weight loss)
    I was just reading your last post.... at least Josh's dad tried? I did't realise you could get in leagal trouble for trying to go to the parents first!!

  3. Shaymus yeah no worries...Can`t promise it`ll be of me

  4. Hello Sassy...

    Funny old world we live in these days...You pretty much can`t do anything without getting into trouble...

  5. Throw cats at them!!
    That'll fix them!!

  6. So the pool is gone bet the kids will be happy when you get a new one next summer.

    Great news about your weight loss hope it continues for you.

  7. Hi Mandy,

    Great work getting 10 kgs off. You must be feeling on top of the world with that sort of success.

    Sounds like a new wardrobe of clothes coming up.....hehehehehe