Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What`s wrong with people today??

Our fiesty little pooch is doing fine today....He was rather sleepy when we got him home last night but after a good nights sleep his batteries are certainly charged.....And here we are supposed to keep him calm for a few days....Hmmmm like I can see that happening...NOT...lol...
We had a bit of a drama this morning.....Lately there seems to be a few drama`s with us.....As you know I have let the apron strings be loosened when it comes to Daniel.....We`ve decided that we`ll try the bike riding to and from school now....He has a friend that goes to the same school and Daniel goes to pick him up in the mornings....Well turns out this kids step father is a bit of a head case, that`s me putting it nicely.....If I really told you what I think of him you all may be shocked....Anyway Daniel knocked on the door and asked for his friend...The step father answered the door and told Daniel "To fuck off and don`t come back"......Then of all things he punched Daniel in the stomach....He came home crying and beside himself....I was furious and wanted to go and sort it out there and then but Matt wouldn`t let me go on his own and he wasn`t feeling well enough to deal with it today....Naturally I rang the police and told them what had happened and of course it`s the same old story there....Go to the local police station and fill out a report but don`t expect too much as it`s Daniel`s word against this fathers...OMFG who are we protecting here????...The victim or the villian.....I rang the school and explained what had happened , they were shocked...I said I will try to calm Daniel down and get him to school later that day but it didn`t happen...Grrrr....I wanted this year to be different for Daniel...In the meantime he isn`t to go to his friends place anymore ...We will still let him ride his bike but have given him a different route to take....Meanwhile there is the issue of this step father business....Tell me What would you do in this situation???????


  1. Bloody Hell!! Doesnt seem right does it. I'd go back to Police and let it be your son's word against his .. and see what happens.
    Tom g/s report said he hit teacher. Niki was against teacher and for Tom (who has been known to hit everyone!) She wasnt to happy with my opinion, then calmed down and did what I said. Go to school all shocked at the 'poor hit teacher' and apologise and ask to see 'hit teacher'. Well, naturally they backed down and changed report. Seems he 'accidently' struck teacher while teacher was breaking up fight. Tom has ADHD and Ed.Dept. had instructed Headmaster to sort of apologize to Niki as they " realize his with his 'condition' " he should have been treated a 'bit better' by teachers when teased by kids who know he's easily riled!! I can't get over the polices' reaction to your complaint!!!!!

  2. You could tie a peice of string to his balls and tie it to the door knob and then slam the door.

  3. I would demand that the police go and see the step father. Even if you have to get AVO against him. What kind of man hits a child?? Maybe you can ring DOCS?? I mean what might he be doing to his step kids?? they might just put it on file but maybe it might help in future. What about the mum? can you ring her?? let her know that you know it was not her fault but you won't tolerate this and have been to the police??
    I used to have trouble with different police officers with my EX..some just don't want to know.
    maybe you should try phoning to discuss the report you made with a different one.
    Bloody hell..he is a kid..saying F-off was bad enough when all he was doing was asking for his friend.
    has Daniel seen his friend since? has he asked him why his step dad acted that way..maybe the kid can give you some more info that way through daniel.
    makes is hard for the kids when it is neither of their faults.hope Daniel is ok now and you are too

  4. Hello Mandy,
    Since when is another person permitted to assault another person and get away with it? In this case your child!
    I am sure you will take care of it and get to the bottom of it.
    I am pleased your dog is ok after the operation.
    Take care,

  5. I would have asked to speak to a more senior officer and tell them that it isn't good enough. Sounds to me like the cop just couldn't be bothered with the work of looking into it.

    I would demand to know why when it became alright for an adult to punch a child.

    The villain seem to have all the rights under the sun while the victim has none these days.

  6. Hi Mandy,

    When dealing with any government organisation if you go to your local member of parliament and talk to him/her it is amazing how quickly things get sorted out. The organisation gets sent what is known as a 'ministerial' which very quickly gets people in the organisation moving. You would be surprised how effective this technique is.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.