Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday already

Thursday already and Valentines Day..WOO HOO!!!!!.....So how many of you love birds got flowers or chocolates sent to you?????.....Me well nothing not that I expect it...You see Matt and I don`t do the Valentines thingy cos we know we love each other anyway....
Had to laugh this morning as I was listening to my favourite breakfast show and they were talking about break ups on this day....Someone (a female) was going to break it off with her man of 10 years...Apparently he always took her for granted and not once during their relationship had he bought her a Valentines gift.....Whilst she was talking to the announcers and telling them how she was going to break it off she received a text and went to read it....She came back and it was from her man and all it said was NO he listens to the same show....
I did get in contact with our local council about the dog that killed our cat....It was one of the local dogs which the owner always seems to walk without a leash....This dog late last year attacked me trying to get to our cat...I was lucky enough to turn my face away from it just in time for it to rip a big chunk of my hair out....Blue Heeler!!!!....And I know how nasty these dogs can be as we used to breed them many years ago.....I should have reported it back then and maybe our cat would still be here....
Anyway the inspector took a statement from me and then confronted the dogs owner....Because he was walking the dog unrestrained and it had harrassed or in our case killed another animal he received a $210 fine for his troubles....It`s not going to bring our cat back but it may make him think the next time he wants to take his dog for a walk.....


  1. Good to hear the dog owner was fined.

    Tim and I also don't do the Valentine thing either as we tell each we love each other all the time not just on one day a year.

  2. I received an early Valentine's phone call .. we're newly 'together' so may get some chokkys :)
    Dangerous mutt .. he will attack again. (Confucious say:- Expect reprisals from the irrate owner ..)

  3. Do you think you would have to have a duck on a leash if you took one for a walk?
    I have a duck thats been hanging around my joint.

  4. Watch out for those ducks, one nasty piece of work they eating though....

  5. Hi Mandy,

    Helen and I try to make most days Valentine's days so we don't do anything new on this one.

    That was great dobbing that dog owner in. He sounds like a bit of a moron so he needed is mind focussed a little. Hopefully the fine should do the trick.

    Good on you


  6. Mandy,
    Sorry to hear of the death of your cat in such a way..I guess the chap with the dog may have it on a leash in the future...heres hoping. Kind regards, Elizabeth

  7. Hello Mandy,
    I did laugh myself when I read what you wrote about that women on the radio.
    We don't do anything for Valentine's Day either, it was never heard of once - woops showing my age :)
    Glad that dog owner got fined, maybe he might keep that dog on a lead now and under control. Let's hope.
    Take care,

  8. hey Mandy..that must feel alittle better in your mind with the dog owner copping a fine..hopefully he will do the right thing from now on.

    I often wonder what is going through peoples minds bearing all on the radio.that is a funny one.

  9. haha, what a way to be dumped - over the radio! Pretty funny though!
    Some people shouldn't own pets, just as some people shouldn't have kids.
    As for V-day, I think it's a crock of shite. Just another way for businesses to make money off suckers. We prefer to celebrate birthdays. A radio I listen to reckon it should be called "Singles Reminder Day".