Monday, January 28, 2008

An exciting end to this year

It seems we have a wedding happening at the end of this year...Matt`s eldest daughter has decided to finally set the date and looks like we`ll be saving all our pennies as the wedding will be taking place in HAMILTON ISLAND....
Matt and myself are really looking forward to it...Firstly as it`s been many years since both of us have been interstate and secondly we`ll be looking at it as the honeymoon we never had....
Daniel will be coming with us and the older two have decided to stay at home....
I`m not sure how Matt will cope though as he doesn`t like planes....It bewilders me as he has never i`m sure after a few drinks he`ll be fine....
So for now it`ll be save , save , save but it will definitely be worth it in the long run....
And the one thing that Matt is proudest of is he will be walking his daughter down the aisle....


  1. Evening Mandy,
    A trip to Hamilton for a wedding is exciting. You and your family will be Queenslanders before long lol...Kind regards, Elizabeth

  2. Good to hear you are so positive ..

  3. Hey thats great..lucky you have plenty of notice so you can save..that is certainly something great to look forward too..

    how are you today??Your lot started school today didn't they??

  4. Hamilton Island sounds great for a wedding, Matt must be thrilled about giving his daughter away. It is a highlight of a fathers life.

  5. Hi guys...

    Matt is over the moon about it all and it`s giving him something to look forward too....

    lil harry the kids went back to school yesterday and so what did i do..."CLEAN THE HOUSE"....I went

    All the kids were tired out when they got home from their first day back and Daniel , well he had passed out in bed by 8pm....Must have been some

  6. great news mandy, ham. island not bad either. cleaned the house hey? oh well, it had to be done. better to do it sooner i suppose. :) i've just been to dentist. was ok. going to work now. have a great day. :) <3 bfn

  7. Hi Mandy,

    Wow, Hamilton island. I've never been there. The only island that I've been to is Green Island off the coast of Cairns and that was pretty special.

    It will be great for you both to have the honeymoon that you missed out on.