Saturday, January 19, 2008

3 days to go

Krystal has rung me everyday since being away....Really it`s felt like the kids haven`t tells me i`m loved....
Yesterday they were off to Wet and Wild....They didn`t go Thursday as the father was too tired...He did say the kids could go on their own but Joshua was being a pain...Krystals words not mine...hahaha
I got a half hour phone call on how much of a pain he was and Krystal wished that Daniel was there with her....Yes you heard it first here....She wanted the bigger pain in the butt with her....She reckons at least Daniel would go on the rides with her.....I`m so glad Daniel is useful for something in her
Daniel has been great since the kids have been away....The kid of old....I t`s amazing when you have no one to argue with how much you change....Now if I could just bottle it and bring it out when needed....He had a friend stay over last night ...Little bugga`s...3 am before they passed out....Overall they were well behaved though....And it`s nice to see Daniel have his own friends rather than trying to compete with the bigger kids....
Well 3 more days and we are off on our little holiday....We`re leaving Tuesday morning and both of us said we are going to be MA and PA KETTLE, take our time and do whatever....Matt is starting to get a wee bit excited over it....That`s all he has talked about for the last few days....Looks like the weather is going to be perfect...Except for the day we come home...37 degrees but that`s ok, we have air conditioning in the car......


  1. hi mandy, holidays are exciting aren't they? kids sound like they are all good. i remember sleep overs with my cousin when we were kids. we talked all night. where did you decide to go? hope you have a safe and happy trip. :)

  2. Hi Yevisha...
    We are off to Victor Harbour...I haven`t been there for over 10 years maybe more when you have something in your own backyard and you don`t visit it....

    We didn`t want to go too far as Daniel isn`t very good on long distances yet....

  3. HI Mandy.. sounds all good for everyone.

    My son and friends were up all night last night. I asked them to quiet down around stop jumping off the beds around 2 am and then I fell asleep!! I went in the morning and they had left the tv on!! I got to wake them up so son could go to his dads!! payback!!LOL..

    have fun packing for the hol!! sounds like fun

  4. It`s now just after 4pm and Daniel has passed out in
    I was mean to him this morning myself...Up early....Aren`t pay backs such fun...hehehe

  5. Hello Mandy,
    Sound like your children are having fun.
    I hope you and Matt have a wonderful time away. It's lovely down there where you are going.
    Take care,

  6. I do hope you all have a great holiday good to hear Matt is a bit excited about it. I hope you have nothing but perfect weather while your away.

    Sleep overs I remember those days both when my girls had them and also when I had them.I never worried about how late the girls stayed up as long as they where quite and most of the time the would be.

    You will be able to remind Krystal that there was a time when she wanted Daniel with her when she is complaining about what a pain he is.

  7. Hi Mandy,

    Sounds like everyone is having a ball. I hope that you and Matt have lots of relaxing quality time together. It will be great to re-invigorate the relationship again.



  8. hi mandy, i love victor. i haven't been for years either. it's always nice weather down there. usually much cooler. ENJOY :) ps. i'm cleaning out the cupboard under the stairs. it's scary in there. yuk