Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Movie world today

I stand corrected....
The kids went to Movie world today and sometimes I think there is only one who is on holiday and having a great time...That`s Krystal....
She went on all the rides that there was to offer , where as Joshua who is like a little old man, who only went on
She is such a dare devil and I don`t know where she gets it from as i`m nothing like that...But then again I was in my younger days...hehehehe
The weather is still rain but she said it`s still warm so she hasn`t had to buy a jacket....They are there until Monday and then jetting off to Darwin....
I told her she amazes me....She can go on daredevil rides but when it comes to a plane landing she throws
Where they are staying there is a pool which has a bar in the middle of it....Her and Joshua were sitting on the stools provided at the bar drinking COOL DRINKS I hope....
They are off to Wet and Wild tomorrow which i`m sure Krystal will make the most of....At least one is making the most of their time away....
They both had $500 spending money and Joshua has spent some of his money on buying of all things a mobile phone...Nice to see he has his priorities right....And Krystal a Bottle of Kelvin Klien Perfume...Apparently it was half price at $35....Now I know I have taught her


  1. that's amazing that she can go on every ride and throw up landing in a plane. the rides would be worse (for me anyway). kids hey?

  2. Tell me about it Yevisha....I think maybe alot of it was nerves even though she would deny it

  3. Evening,
    Spot the Pond blogger. Ta - Dar! T'is I.
    Hey, now I can bother you at a Spot. At a Pond and by email. Technology, great hu?
    Tizzy has come outside and is rubbing the new boat all over.
    I do not know how Krystal is not cold. I am at the moment.
    I am suppose to go to a party. I was going to go and then changed my mind. Blow me down if the kids from work didn't just sail past reminding me about the party.
    They are having a sunset sail as a gift for the girl who is leaving.
    I think that the split shifts did it. They start at 7am. Work till 10, then go home and come back from 4 PM to 8 PM. Beats me how they do it.

  4. Hello Mandy,
    Sound like those two are having a great time. Oh and don't be concerned about your son not going on the rides and so us they are different.
    I hope they have a great holiday and as I write this comment I wonder how many children don't get the chance to do what your two are doing!
    Take care,

  5. I don`t believe my eyes...Grotty is that really you????....
    I didn`t think i`d ever see the day that you would move from the pond....Well bowl me over with a feather...hahaha

    You`ll find it much better over here....

    As for kids well they never really feel the cold...Not like me..Slightest bit of cloud and I think I must put a jacket on....

  6. Hello Margaret.....
    You are right when saying about other children having such a great holiday....

    I know myself that Daniel will probably never get to go to such wonderful places...Not unless I win xlotto of

  7. Why do teenagers always want to buy mobile phones my girl Tasha has to have the latest phone even when she can't afford it.

    I would love to go to movie world again.

  8. Hi, good to see you are all back on your feet after the christmas break.

  9. sounds like they are having a blast. my kids are like that..some love the rides and the others not..he should enjoy the water parks more. how is daniel all on his own?

  10. lil harry you wouldn`t believe it but Daniel is a totally different kid on his own...No out bursts!!!!!...I suppose he has no one to compete with...Bliss for