Saturday, January 26, 2008

Back to reality (DAMN)

Hi everyone..We made it back safely , tired and extremely worn out yesterday afternoon....The weather was perfect each day and the atmosphere where we stayed was fantastic....It gave Matt and myself plenty of time to talk and think about future plans and where we want to be in 5 years time....My older two will be of the age where they will most likely be out in the big wide world fending for themselves which just leaves Daniel....And if things go to plan and we do what we say we`ll be doing then life should be grand....

Father and son really got into the fishing whilst away even though the fish weren`t biting....It was fun for Daniel and he is certainly turning out to be quite the fisherman...We literally had to drag him must admit Daniel did wear me out...He was on the go non stop wanting to do this that and the other....So much for a laid back approach....Of an evening he would pass out early...Wish Matt and I could have said the same...The mattress we had on our bed was let`s say very uncomfortable...I certainly felt my age the next morning trying to get up...hahaha

We ventured over to Granite Island and saw the fairy penguins...Daniel loved that part...Didn`t fancy the walk there as it is a very long walk...We saw this huge ray going along the edge of the water and even saw a seal playing in the water....

Naturally had to take a picture of the famous horse drawn tram...Couldn`t get over how much the township had changed...It`s huge...People everywhere and lot`s to see....It was the holiday that we needed, just wish we had more time there but maybe next time....All that`s left now is having to and counting down the days for when the kids go back to school...YAY!!!!!!....


  1. I am happy you had a great holiday and yes I know how towns can grow and change I remember when Port Macquarie wasn't as big as it is now.

    Not long now until school goes back now.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Welcome home Mandy!!
    so glad you had a great busy time.. bet you are sleeping well tonight in your own bed..nothing like it.LOL..

    Are the big kids home yet??

  3. Hi Mandy, welcome back .. are you blogging much on myspace or bb?

  4. Hello Jo-Anne...

    Yep Tuesday and they`re are back....Really these holidays have gone quickly....

  5. Thanks lil harry....Still not sleeping 100% but better than what we did in the van...

    Kids arrived back home yesterday morning...I`ll do another post and fill in the details....

  6. Hi Lynne....
    Good to be home...I do keep up on BB as I have relatives interstate who read my posts and once a week I catchup on myspace...No blogging on there though...This is pretty much where everyone is these days...

  7. Good Morning Mandy,
    The holiday sounds wonderful. I have never seen fairy penguins in the flesh they look so important and pretty and what a thrill to get up close and personal. I find reading your and other blogs from all over Australia a great insight into Aussie life elsewhere and can appreciate the beauty humour pathos of this great south land by the photographs and prose. Thank you for sharing kind regards, Elizabeth

  8. Hello Mandy,
    Welcome back from your holiday and it sounds as if you had great fun.
    Take care,

  9. Hi my friend, not back fully yet...Love you & glad you had a great break.......Luv ya.....Elle

  10. welcome home mandy. glad yr holiday was good. sounds lovely. i haven't been down there for years i bet it's changed heaps. :)