Thursday, January 10, 2008

Holiday is going ahead

It`s still hot here and today is going to be a scorcher with 41 degrees....
We were meant to leave early this morning to do some shopping but everyone had a bad night trying to sleep....It was a warm evening even though I did keep the air conditioner on....So it looks like we may leave it until this evening...
Matt has been going really well .....He has been up and about everyday since being back home with us and he is inter acting more with the kids these days also....Daniel absolutely loves the attention and hence I think this is why Daniel all of a sudden is behaving better....He hardly has the anger out bursts and the swearing has dropped dramatically....I believe with us going away it will be a great bonding session for Daniel and his dad....Doing the boy stuff like fishing, which i`ll add I love doing
One thing I did do was leave the booking of the caravan park a bit late....Geez what was I thinking...It`s been that long with us going away i`m out of touch but we were fortunate enough to get in....Not when I wanted too but it`ll give me a chance to tie up loose ends here and pay those dreaded school fees.....
Stationary has been bought and new uniforms for Daniel....Next on the agenda will be shoes....He has grown so much over the last 6 months that he is now in a small mens....And as you can imagine trying to buy clothes in school colours has been a nightmare....His feet are one shoe size off from mine.....At the rate he is growing he`ll end up being 6


  1. Hi Mandy,
    Hopefully you will receive respite from the unrelenting heat with balmy sea for school is a thing in the past for me but well remember the nightmare of it....visiting my son and daughter and law yesterday, kids in the pool, and she is so efficient and does so much for the children...mums taxi....enjoy your holiday which am sure you will...kind regards, Elizabeth

  2. Hello Mandy,
    Wow a scorcher of a day for you then. I agree with you it's better to shop in the cooler part of the day if you can. Though most complexes have A/C and underground parking but it's still warm in the vehicles.

    You are indeed lucky to get into a park. I hope you all have fun.
    Reading that Matt is doing ok is good news and it must be so much more peaceful for you with everyone getting a long these days ok.

    Take care,

  3. So glad you could book some time sounds like everyone is settling down. I bet its a huge relief for you.

    EERKKK..School shopping..I am starting son has to wear black shoes to school and must be leather for woodwork etc..He is absolutely refusing to wear school shoes so I am off to a sports warehouse to try to get him a pair of black leather sports type shoes that won't get him in trouble. It will be his first year of high school and I don't want him off on the 'wrong foot' in attitude.

    then I need new school uniforms for him and school and sandshoes for my daughter!! I don't want to even hazard a cost guess!!

    Hope you catch a cool breeze soon..sooooo hot over your way..I'd be staying inside too.

  4. hi mandy, glad matt seems better and you are going ahead with your holiday. it's all good. except the weather but cool change tomorrow. yay. buying for back to school is a nightmare. always was always will be :) i've stuffed up my blog layout. i fixed it last night but it's broken again. oh dear. have a good night

  5. Hope the weather has cooled a bit for you still having stinking hot days here with both air cons going all day and sometimes half the night.

    Back to school shopping sucks I am so glad I don't have to do that any more.

    Jessica and Leo came home today he is so small.

  6. where are you going for the holiday..I think I missed that part

  7. Hi Mandy,

    Wow, its been so long since I've been through the stage of preparing kids for school (around 35 years......eekkk!) You will look back on these years and love the way the kids have matured as they go through the different ages.

    Enjoy your well earned holidays.