Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kids home Saturday morning EARLY

The kids arrived in Darwin not liking it one little bit....There wasn`t much for them to do and no kids where they were staying in their age group....They didn`t like the weather much either which I knew would happen...But you can`t tell them can you???
On the second day there they went crocodiling if there is such a thing...hahaha...Krystal said it was the scariest thing ever....The father got to feed one of the crocs and this one above put on a spectacular show for them....
The kids arrived back early Saturday morning..7 am to be precise and I took some waking as we were trying to catch up on some much needed sleep ourselves....Krystal the poor kid was sick...Conjunctivitis in both eyes....She looked a mess....And to top it off she had a sore throat and runny nose....So off to the doctors at 9am to sit and wait for 2 hours....I looooove going to the doctors NOT!!!!!!!......Her eyes have cleared up slightly now......
She said she missed me terribly....That may have something to do with the phone calls everyday whilst burst into tears when she saw me and didn`t leave my side....After the doctors we spent some quality time together , just the two of us and did the one thing we both enjoying, SHOPPING hours later we were all shopped out....
Joshua didn`t say much...He is the quiet one.....The two of them want to make plans for next year to go back to Queensland...They both loved it and made many new friends from all over the country and some overseas.....So now they have saving on the agenda....Have to see how they go.....Overall Darwin lost out and somehow I don`t think they`ll be going back there in a hurry.....
They`re both off to an all night movie marathon tonight...Making the most of the holidays which are left....Come Tuesday and life should be back to normal.....YAY for school!!!!!


  1. hi mandy, maybe eye problem from the pool. hope she's better soon. shopping is good. i got some nice new jeans on saturday, a lovely new scarf and a tshirt. all good. oh and i got a new pair of crocs. they're called cleo and they are sooooooooo comfy it's not funny. i love them. my sister has a pair too. if only they weren't so expensive. hope school return goes smoothly for you all. hope Krystal is better soon and hpe you are good. bfn

  2. Hello Mandy,
    I bet it's good to have everyone back home and safe.
    Nice to read your daughter missed you, and I know that would make any mum feel good that she is or was missed.
    Darwin is a nice place, I like it but not a lot there for younger people. I mean they both had just been to the Gold Coast that has all that activity and more pleasurable weather.
    I hope Krystal's eyes soon are better.
    I think the children go back to school here in February sometime as we only have 3 terms but there is an Easter break.
    Take care,

  3. Hi Mandy,

    Conjunctivitis......poor Krystal. I haven't had that since I was a kid and it sure does nothing for the looks and self image does it.

    Isn't it great that you have such a great relationship with her. Treasure it because it is a real blessing.



  4. Hope Krystal is feeling better. NOthing worse than conjunctivitis.

    Do your kids go back Tuesday?? I have to wait until Wednesday.drats..son is getting nervous about starting High school. Said doesn't want me there on first day in hall for orientation but definitely wants a lift home in the avo.LOL..

    glad the kids had a great time even if they didn't like NT that much..they will have good memories later though.