Monday, October 29, 2007

The week has started off well

This is a strawberry that I grew all on my own and best of all was I beat my son to is always getting out at my strawberries before I even have a chance to see how they`re going....Well today I got one on him and it tasted delicious...hahaha
We had some extremely good news tonight...Krystal got the job at Target and we are all so happy for her....None more so than me....It`ll boost back her confidence and I must say that this job is a darn better one than Hungry Jacks....At least she`ll be able to better herself if she wants too.....
Also I don`t know what has happened but my hubby has changed his tune as well....Not sure whether he has found this blog and he read how I felt but the turn around is amazing....For 3 days in a row he has been out of bed in the mornings and has stayed up all day.....He even went as far as going shopping with me today....I`m just dumb founded....I asked him why the sudden turn around with him being up and about and he said to me that he just has to get past with what`s going on with him otherwise he is going to wither away.....
Geez I`ve been telling him that for it`s nice to have him back ....He will still be moving into his own place eventually as he still strongly believes that is the right thing for him to do....I`m ok with it!!!!!.....
So touch wood things are looking up for this family.....Touching lots of wood here as i everyone else`s day was a good one....We seem to be having alot of storms along the east coast......It`s been batten down the hatches.....Stay safe all..


  1. Hello Mandy, Love the Strawberry, glad you got it first.

    Great news on all aspects of the home front. Let's hope it all continues.

    Great news for Krystal, see she was worrying about nothing.

    We had a really bad storm last while I was blogging with Margaret and I was jumping with the thunder. Also storms this morning.

    Take care

  2. Hello Mandy,
    Oh you clever women growing a strawberry, well done :)

    Good on Krystal and good luck with her job.

    Glad to read your husband is up and about - that would make you happy I believe.

    Take care,

  3. Hello Janelle....
    It certainly has made a difference in the house with Matt getting up and about...Even the kids commented on
    Krystal was ecstatic about the job...Me
    This weather has been crazy Janelle...I can`t believe what it has been doing....Someone was telling me Lismore was hit pretty badly....
    Well hope it`s all calmer for you tonight my friend...Take care and love to you all....

  4. Margaret this is the first decent strawberry I have seen and geez it tasted
    It has made me happy to see Matt up and about....I really do hope it keeps going for his sake especially....

  5. Hello Mandy,
    Oh I can taste that strawberry, I bet it was so sweet,

    So pleased that Matt is up and about for his sake and yours, and like you I hope he can keep doing that. I have been wondering how he was, and how you were doing.

    Take care,

  6. that's great news on two fronts. well done krystal and i hope matt continues to feel better and keep up this more positive attitude. as for the strawberry, yummo

  7. Hi Mandy,

    What wonderful news about Matt and about Krystal....and just think it coincided with you growing that strawberry......LOL.

    Can I suggest that you go big time into strawberry production.....can you imagine how great your life will be then...hehehehe.

    Have a wonderful day 'cause you deserve it.



  8. Good morning Margaret....
    I was very impressed with my strawberry as i`ve had the plant for quite a few years now....Maybe it`s finally

    I`m hoping that the change is going to keep going...I know he does have some bad days but it was getting to the point where he was staying in bed just for the sake of it.....Very depressing it was too (for me).....Maybe he finally sore that.. Who knows but I will keep my fingers crossed....

  9. Good morning Yevisha...
    That`s the trick isn`t it Yevisha ( keeping positive)....Krystal is rapt she can`t wait to get started.....Money!!!!! have a good day...

  10. Good morning Rudy....
    I didn`t know a wee strawberry could have so much power....I`ll be planting them everywhere if that were the case...LOL...
    Thanks Rudy for your kind words....It`s been a tough couple of months so some good news was needed...

    Have a great day today....

  11. Hi Mandy,
    I have dug up my old blogspot. Hope I remember who I am by tomorrow!!!!!
    Hugs, butterflies and rainbows

  12. lol....
    If not Jo maybe you`ll have to make up a new one....

  13. Hi Mandy and Family, Thank you so much for my birthday wishes.
    1. Wow! you are very popular over here to now.
    2. Congrats to Krystal for job at Target.
    3. Say hello to Joshua and Daniel for me.
    4. Hope Matt keeps well!
    5. I do not know if a sewing machine will be strong enough to sew a gazebo, good luck in trying.
    6. I did not see Carly this morning but I saw her this afternoon after work, but she has gone home now.
    7. I saw Mum and Dad this afternoon.
    8. I am going out on Friday Night with my mates, will not be well on Saturday.
    9. We are as in family and Carly's family going out for lunch on Sunday.
    10. We had a great afternoon on Saturday and amazing none of us had a hang over.
    11. Have a great week Mandy.

  14. Hello Mandy,
    I just left a comment on mum's blog for you as I didn't know if I could work it out.

    Hope you are all well.

  15. Hello Clinton...
    I hope you enjoyed the day....I will pass on my hello`s from you to the boys...I was surprised there were no sore heads from the yes i could imagine going out with your mates you won`t be feeking so well the following day...Thank goodnes birthdays only come once a
    Well have a great time and all my love to you and Carly...

  16. Hello Neil...
    I will drop by mum`s blog...
    Thanks for stopping by and hope you are well...Love mandy