Friday, October 19, 2007

BB just frustrates me to tears

Well here i am and it looks like it may be a permanant thing as BB or for those of you who don`t know what BB stands for (BIGBLOG) has finally broken my spirit....No faith left in them....For days now I have been struggling to open up blogs , leave comments or do posts.... I`m sure they are out to close it down altogether the way they are going....

So now it`s time to see what this site can offer me...Learn all the tricks of the trade.....I`m a woman on a mission and if I can`t get to blog OMG I could commit


  1. Well hello, I am just about to go to bed, working in the morning, thanks for url, has I had it in my bookmarks and deleted it as you were not posting on it,
    I hope this is going to be regular,I really think you will like it over here, just need to get everyone else here.....LOL

    I have had a busy week will propably post tomorrow arvo.

    Love that your here,,,,,please stay and post regularly......LOL it is so much easier for me, as when you comment on my post I get it via e mail. Then when I get time I can reply and then post on your post. Rudy and I have been blogging all week except for the last 2 days....

    When you are on bigblog I can't come over till I have time and most of the time I can't make comment...LOL

    I took some fantastic photos today of your bigblog......Just couldn't get in...Grrrrr

    Have a great night and catch up on here tomorrow arvo....Love always.

  2. Hello Mandy, Good to see you are over here too! I think we are all on a mission, and it's to's much nicer over here really, so easy.......Margaret (jmbd) It's getting confusing my 3 but you know who I am :)

  3. Hello Janelle..
    I believe I will be staying here...Running two blogs if I don`t have enough to do....I`ll see how BB treats me...
    It`s going to be so hot here this weekend 32 today and 35 tomorrow....I hate the real hot weather...
    If and when you can I would like to see those pictures oh and Grotty is asking for them
    Well my friend have an excellent weekend and i`ll cathup with you soon...Love me....♥♥♥

  4. Hello whiteangel....
    Yes all these different names ..It can get quite
    mine stays the same...hehehe...
    Well there certainly is a few of us over here now...Wonder how much longer the rest will flock...With the way BB has been acting up i`d say not too much....
    Well have a great weekend...

  5. Didn't know you had a blogspot blog but know that I do I have added you to my BB favourites so I can get over here to check you out.

    I did a lot of housework last week think that is BB's fault