Saturday, October 20, 2007

How true is that....Since having trouble with BB my house has been lovely and

I think i may have just done some shit stirring over there in blogland but I don`t care...I say it how it is and if they can`t deal with it then it`s their problem...Bloody boys club...It`s sickening....

Anyway we are in for some hot weather this weekend...Not good as I don`t particularly cope very well in the heat....Another week and we start daylight savings...Now that I can handle...I love it...All that extra daylight just so I can do extra jobs...LOL....

Got out in the garden yesterday and yes I couldn`t help myself in buying yet again some more flowers....I love bright colours in the garden and the smell it`s so refreshing and clean....Just wish my sinus`s would agree with me....

Well I had better get off my behind and get some washing and anything else that needs doing...Have a wonderful day....


  1. Afternoon from your friendddd-ly stalker.

    $$$ Ca-Ching $$$

    Hubby came home white today. Hie sat on his own nut; and the noise; oh dear!

    No need to reply. I am just looking around.
    $$$ Ca - Ching $$$

  2. We have been having lots of stinking hot days the last couple of weeks and yep it does feel more like summer then spring some days.

    I also love daylight saving as I often don't wash until late in the day as I can't handle the heat and find pegging clothes out when it is really hot makes me sick.