Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A drizzly kind of day

What can I say...It`s been a nothing sort of day because the weather hasn`t been the best for me to be able to get outside and do the gardening...It has rained for most of today and looks like it maybe like this for the next few days....Not that i`m complaining...Firstly we need the rain and secondly get`s me out of doing those
Daniel decided he would take off and go Trick or Treating tonight without letting me know....Little bugga he did come home with some chockies much to my delight...NOT!!!!...I`m trying to keep him off these sorts of things as they do tend to set him off in his mood swings....Looks like an early night for him....
On BB i wrote that our cat has been missing for 4 days ....He still isn`t home tonight so i`m not feeling too positive about his well being...Daniel keeps asking if he (being the cat) has come home....You see it`s Daniel`s cat...I bought him as a kitten for Daniel and they were very close....
Well hope you all had a lovely day and tomorrow is a better one again....


  1. hi mandy, cute pic. so sorry about yr cat. i really hope he comes home. good for rain today. i'm on a diet so chocy is out for me at the moment. :( red wine too. :(( hahahaha. take care

  2. Good Evening Mandy, Sorry to hear about the cat and the disappearance.

    I beat you liked the rain good for the garden especially the drizzerly stuff.

    Lots of kids were trick or treating up hear, they get dressed up and get so excited.

    Take care

  3. Good evening Yevisha
    Yhe rain was lovely....Clears the air and smells great...
    Don`t talk to me about chocolate and red wine woman...I`m dieting like there`s no tomorrow...Talk about middle age those
    Have a great day tomorrow , looks like more rain....

  4. Hello Janelle...
    I think the cat disappearance has upset Daniel more...It`s the not knowing....
    Kids aren`t they funny...We never did any trick or treating when we were younger....It wasn`t the in thing not like these days...Just goes to show how much influence the Americans have on our
    Have a great day tomorrow...

  5. Hello Mandy, Children always get attached to their pets, it is the not knowing. Was it a male or female....sometimes females leave home to have their kittens.

    The Americans have influenced us and even when my kids were growing up they didn't do trick or treating. They encourage it at school now!

    Saw in another comment about chocolate and dieting, I am not much of a chocolate eater but Lou & Clinton love their chocolate and we always have an abundance in the fridge.

    Have a great day tomorrow my friend and enjoy the drizzle if you get any. At the moment we have a storm approaching but doesn't sound like a real bad one.

    Take care

  6. Hello Mandy,
    Oh my sorry to hear your cat (Daniels) hasn't returned.
    Nice to get rain, still hardly any here.
    Take care,

  7. Sorry about the cat Mandy,
    Hugs and rainbows

    Bad day for us too.

  8. Hi Mandy has the cat turned up yet? Broyde and Aaron's cat wonders off at times sometimes for up to a week and half at a time but always seems to come back so here hoping yours does too.

    I don't believe in Halloween has I think it is an American tradition and can't see the point of us Aussie's taking it up.

  9. Hi Mandy,

    We have had some good rain today and it looks like it may have settled in for a couple of days. Our garden needs it and like you it stops me from doing chores around the garden. I love the trees in our garden but I spend a lot of time cleaning out the gutters which is a real nuisance job.

    The Tricking and Treating has taken on around our suburb over the last few years. Before that we never experienced it.