Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nice to see my kids happy

Not too sure what I did with the last entry....One hell of a huge gap between blogs well it`s definitely a learning process for me....I know i`ll get the hang of things eventually.... The kids had a really great weekend this week and i`m so glad....Usually it`s all doom and gloom for them so to see them actually all go out together as brothers and sister was a great sense of satisfaction for me..... Poor Krystal though has ended up with sun stroke....She went out today with her cousin and whilst out she threw up....Felt faint and she is very hot also.....A bad headache as well which does indicate to me sun stroke....She went to bed early tonight without tea...So hopefully she will feel a little better tomorrow....I`ve been trying to push the fluids into her ..... Well not long to christmas now...My decorations are slowly starting to mount as i`ve been vigilant in buying a couple each week.....Out with the old and in with the Have a great week everyone...They seem to be flying now....


  1. Hello Mandy, Yes it is great when all is calm and brothers and sisters can do a little bonding of their own....
    Poor Krystal, I hope she is alright, good that you are keeping the fluids into her....I really think that is the best solution...
    everyone suffers with something at the beginning of the heat...
    Wish Krystal my warmest wishes for her job interview tomorrow....See I didn't forget!!!

    Hopefully will catch up during the week.....Love always

  2. Hello Mandy, Tried to get get in to bigblog tonight but failed...can you pass this on to Grotty.

    Go into internet explorer, put your homepage as, allow cookies on your browser also make sure your default browser is internet explorer. Go into control panel....then add/remove and remove anything with bigpond. Then take out your pc mobile card....then go to start don't turn off your pc, do a restart....when pc ready place your cd for Next G into it....let it run it will tell you what to do....if any problems leave mobile card in pc and leave disc in and do a restart.....pretty straight forward...You should not have to download anything you are not cable or dial up.....that is what is blogging up your system....


  3. good morning mandy, i'm posting here as yevisha. don' know why it was all so confusing. :) i don't want to know that christmas is fast approaching. it's too scary. glad the kids had a good weekend. i hope krystal feels better today. have a great week.

  4. Hi Mandy,

    Good on you for coming to blogspot. Now you can experience what it's like to blog without frustration....hehehehe.

    As usual I love your blog.



  5. Sun stroke is so awful my daughter are all prone to it when they where younger and at school some days they would come home so sick from the heat.

    Now days none of them like to venture far from and air con when it is stinking hot.

    Hope Krystal is feeling better today.

  6. AGAIN. Tried to get into bigblog, read your post and came back to make comment…..but can’t get in….LOL
    Mandy, I am not going to comment here and you know why……but my friend you know that. Myself and my family are feeling for your sister and her family…..glad that you have choosen to go and try and help to ease the pain…..
    Happy Anniversary to you and Matt, not much of one hey!
    Take care and as usual love always…..

  7. Sorry Mandy can you pass this on to Grotty!
    Janelle to Grotty – I just want to check with you that you deleted bigpond manager and all the downloads that you did…..I down loaded Next G on Saturday night very reluctantly because of your problems….but I am having no problems…..Grrr for you I know it must be so frustrating……Just bare with me for a moment and I will go over a few things that may or may not help….
    Did you know that after downloading Next G you can’t change your plan…..not sure for how long as I was not interested as I am on the top plan anyway…….this may also apply to your blog….I went to your blog and your space has been exceeded 10mb….was this around the time that you applied for the New Next G service? I have noticed that you have deleted all your posts but if it coincided with you ordering for the Next G network, you may have to wait!!!!!
    After I downloaded Next G I could not get into my blog on bigblog… took forever to download so I gave up about 12 hours later I had no problems…..but in all fairness I have not tried to post….as it is work related and has no comment allowed….so what I will do is go to it and see if I can post etc…..if can’t I will let you know….
    Hang in there Grotty!!!!We are trying to get you back on line….LOL

  8. Hi there......I do like this too....its so clean and uncluttered and WITHOUT all that advertising...quite peaceful!!!

    Shaymus used to be here.....I am looking at leaving the computer off and doing some serious cleaning/de-cluttering Thursday......well thats the plan anyway.....I cant find anything which is turning into a BIG problem...was ironing with Foxtel today and there is this de-clutter show that has (once again) inspired me....wish me luck.....