Friday, October 26, 2007

A sleep in tomorrow is needed

Well It`s been a long day today....Sleeping in with my son last night maybe wasn`t such a good idea....I just wanted to get a good nights sleep and the little love gave up his bed for me and he slept on a mattress on the floor....But do you think I could sleep....NO!!!!
It looks like the boys maybe going crabbing tomorrow ....I`ll wait and see if it does happen or not....Krystal and I will be home doing absolutely nothing which sounds good to me as it`s going to be a warm one here....31 degrees....
Also daylight savings starts this weekend so i`m quite sure come Monday morning there are going to be a few grumpy people in this house including once we do get used to it things will be great....The kids like it as they can stay out longer without mum hasseling them to be home before dark.....My favourite rule especially with the older
Hope you all have a great weekend.....I`m looking forward to just me and my girl tomorrow.....


  1. Have a great day both you girls:) Enjoy the daylight saving, I love it too trouble is I stay up too late and awake earlier so sometimes have 40 winks after dinner (night), but not often.

    No good if you didn't sleep, too much on your mind perhaps!

    That's a nice warm day 31degC, it's humid here but certainly not that warm.

    Take care,

  2. Hi Mandy,

    It's a great idea having a one on one day with any of your kids. They love the attention and sharing of thoughts.

    Have a great week end.


  3. G'day Mandy. Just floating around and thought I'd drop in.

    Hope you had your sleep-in this morning. I did manage it up until 8am, but at my age, the waterworks usually start to build up, then I can't get back to sleep again.

    Never-the-less I did get enough sleep, and I find that enough is enough. The older you get, the less of life you want to miss out on...

    Jeeze I'm a blabbermouth. Just as well - we need one don't we, an' the Grotty one is not about on BS.


  4. Doesn't it suck when all you want is a good nights sleep and it just doesn't happen, but it was good of Daniel to give up his bed for you.

  5. Hiya Mandy, I hope your weekend is going well for you. I'm just looking around on Bspot to see if it may be more friendly than Bpond is at the moment. Cheers and take care ....