Monday, January 26, 2009

Highly strained and drained

These past few days have been highly emotional...Joshua has been lashing out at me verbally and it has broken my heart that he thinks so lowly of me.....
In the end I snapped , I couldn`t take his verbal abuse any longer and as a last resort I rang his father to come and take him.....Joshua didn`t think I would do it but he pushed me to the brink....
I`ve never seen such a turn around as I witnessed that night....He was sorry blah blah blah....The damage was done....His father didn`t end up taking him but did speak with him.....Gave his thoughts on the matter at hand and basically said the same thing as I have been saying....
For now I am trying to get everything out of my mind....I have been taking my frustrations out with housework....Those jobs that you put off doing....mainly washing down walls....Moving furniture around and throwing unused items out.....
Thankfully two of the kids start back at school tomorrow and Joshua returns on Wednesday....This will hopefully give me a chance to recharge and think about things a little clearer......
I`ve had so much to deal with this past week....My mother in laws health, my husbands health and now Joshua....They say things come in 3`s....Looks like it`s here....


  1. Hey its gotta get better!!!!

    Stay cool.......Kim

  2. Poor Mandy. Hang in there be consistant. Joshua is probably angry with the world at this moment and probably angry with himself for getting his life in a mess but no he is not going to blame anyone else except the person he loves most, you. He knows you are the one that will stand by him whatever so he vents his anger on you.He knows that is safe for him.Try not to take to heart what he is saying, try to think he is not himself at the moment. Is it possible for him to see a councillor to help him sort out his problems without emotions getting in the way.(through the school or GP.)Take care ol' girl, you'll get through it.

  3. I just love your post pics they are always so relevant. Where do you find them??

  4. Hi Mandy
    Hope things improve rapidly for you. The trials and tribulations of teenagers! They just can't see the consequences can they? I wish you all the best in dealing with Joshua's problems plus the health issues of Matt and you mother in law.

  5. Hello Mandy,
    Things do come in 3's....Teenagers, some are more troublesome than others. Good luck with sorting it all out and I must say at least you had his dad back you up, that is a good thing.
    You also can see through many things, you are not blind to many matters that you have to deal with. Good on you, there should be more mums like you out there.
    Health issues, well we all know about take care of yourself, time for's a must.

  6. Take care of yourself Mandy.....thoughts with you....
    kind regards,

  7. Evening Mandy

    As the weekend draws near I am hoping that you will have some peace and quiet. You certainly deserve that my friend.

    I always look forward to your Posts...

    Keep on keeping on girl...

  8. Mandy, take a DEEP breath and let it all wash over you and not into you.

    Teenagers are a different kind of people, and speak before they think.

    Just tell yourself that all of this will pass.

    Look after yourself,