Saturday, January 17, 2009

Out with the old and in with the new

I`ve come to the conclusion that this year will be a year of getting rid of the old and bringing in the new.....
So this year i`m actually saving my pennies....I`m debt free now and got rid of those nasty credit cards....They can be such a burden once you have them..Never am I going down that path again....They are too handy!!!!!
Now that the slate is clean theoretically I should be able to save....On paper
For quite some time I have been wanting to upgrade in the furniture department...The kids are now old enough to appreciate their surroundings so I feel it`s a good time to start throwing out old furniture and replacing it with the more modern, up beat, today`s type of furniture....
I`ve been slowly buying bits and pieces for our lounge room like ottomans (foot rests) and a new 12 cube shelf for storage.....I must start downsizing....With all the nic nacs ect it really is getting out of hand...Plus it will cut down the dusting and I am definitely not one who likes dusting..In fact I loathe it....
I`ve chosen black and white for my colour scheme in the lounge room...Safe colours that are easily available....Plus black is so much easier to keep clean.....White on the other hand, well the kids will just have to be careful otherwise they`ll have a rampant
One month in and touch wood everything is going along tp plan....Let`s see how it goes further down the track....


  1. it looks great Mandy, nice to be debt free too :) Fran

  2. Hello Mandy,
    Looks lovely the photos and your decor. Nice feeling to be debt free...and look luck saving.

  3. Mandy, it is looking great! LOL my friend..

    Good on you managing to clean the slate of debt. Of course, doing it your way you cannot get into trouble.I know you are one to 'sus' out the bargains.

    Looking forward to the updates..

  4. Sorry Mandy. Previous one Chez and I was not logged in and could not remember my URL

  5. Feels great not to have debts, doesn't it? Well done. Yep good time to redecorate when the kids are older. Black and white is striking. Love the vase. Its all looking good.
    Out with the nic nacks!

  6. Love you blog Mandy. It really is attractive and well laid out. Wish I could say the same for mine....

    What are you like at internal decorating??

  7. Fran it feels great not having credit card debts hanging over your head.....

  8. Margaret saving is going to be the hardest....So far touch wood though it`s all going to plan...

  9. Cheryl definitely good at the`s even rubbing off on my daughter now....We are bargain

  10. Diane it is a wonderful feeling....I am going to be very selective on how I spend my money this year...A real
    I love black and white together, there is just something about it...

  11. Terry would you really trust me with the
    Thanks for the compliment...

  12. No credit debt? I am in awe of you!