Monday, January 19, 2009

The best of friends

Who would have thought that the kitten would slot into the family as easily as she has...
Hobbles adores her....They run through the house (both of them) like maniacs.....Because hobbles has only one front leg the cat has the upper paw.....He can`t get traction and skids across the floor and that`s when Puss (yes original name isn`t it) is in his glory now as he has a play mate....His mum is getting on now and doesn`t tolerate much in his playful mode but Puss, omg they are both in their element....

This is the end result after having a run around through the house....Cute aren`t`m sure this cat will grow up like our last cat thinking it is a dog......


  1. That is cute Mandy. Somehow I think cats always have the upper paw whether the dog has all its legs or not :) Oscar loves our cat but if she decides to discipline him he's petrified! She maintains total obedience with the graceful swipe of a tiny claw.......

  2. cats rule, dogs drool. just kidding. they are so cute and it's lovely that they have company. :) Fran

  3. true, those claws of theirs have a lot to say...

  4. Fran....

    Hobbles is still a big puppy, at heart...He loves to play and the kitten, well we all know what they are like...Anything that moves is a

  5. You seem to have gotten over your earlier trepidation about having a puss join the family. You are too soft hearted not to give in. How cute that they play together.

  6. Every household NEEDS a kitten!

    I am always amazed at how they can go and go and go, and then.....FLOP. Like someone took the batteries out.

    Lots of joy for you all - lucky things!