Sunday, February 1, 2009

The time has come

Hi everyone...Sorry it`s been a while but this weather we are having here in Adelaide is wearing me down...A girl can only take so much of 40+ degree heat day after day.....I have CANKLES.....
For those of you who are unsure what CANKLES are it`s when your calf muscles decide to meet up with your ankles......Very sore and most difficult to walk.....
It has been a most interesting week gone by.....Some of you who visit my other blog you already know but for those of you who don`t here it goes....
Joshua`s g/f.....
NOT I repeat NOT pregnant.....(good news hey)?????
I believe she had some motives..... a girl just knows these things irrelevant of how old you are....
The other good news is that I applied for a job online for the son and he heard back from them....An apprenticeship with Bakers delight....His application is being processed to a local franchise and hopefully next week we will hear something.....
He really needs to work as school is doing him no favours....Firstly because the g/f is there and secondly he has no interest in learning.....3 days back into the new school year and he has already earned himself a detention.....Oh and yes a grounding from me....You see after everything he has put me through this year I am getting tough with him (plus the other kids).....I am taking back control and I don`t care whether they are teenagers or not, if they want me to start treating them like 2 year olds I will....If they can show me that they are responsible (young) adults then I will loosen the noose (so to speak)...
I`m running a strict household at present and if they choose to go AWOL then they will see my


  1. Good news Mandy. You are doing well.I am glad I'm not in your shoes. Been there done that...bringing up teenagers.

  2. yes, me too. done my time in teenage hell. got grey hair and wrinkles and scars on my heart, but somehow i survived. you run a tight ship Mandy, but hey, it's the only way.

  3. Onya Mandy...the only way to survive the hormone upheavals....better for them to know the parameters and tough love is happening.

    My niece came to my place a few days ago and she was upset...yup teenage boy, fifteen, back at school two days and wants to leave school, home, and work in the north with the cousins...She knows and I know he is not mature enough or tough enough to make it on his own up there at this stage....but hey what can you do...has decided to stay at school for the time being.....until the next crisis...teenagers.....yevisha has that right "teenage hell"

  4. Good luck with it all Mandy, at least one bit of good news about the pregnancy being a false alarm. Hopefully knock some sense into the lad!

    Cankles sound very old-fashioned but bloody painful too.......

  5. Hey Mandy
    Thanks for educating me on cankles. I must remember that one!!

    It is great to hear that things are falling into place for you. Sounds good and you certainly deserve that.

    We did not hear much more about Daniel's grounding over the holidays...

  6. Good for you Mandy. Doesn't hurt to get tough. I reckon that most parents these days don't, and the kids get the idea that know one cares what they do (in some cases that seems to be so!).

    Get tough. Stay tough until you get results. Most birds that fly the nest too early come crawling back as soon as they realise how tough things really are on the outside.

    Good news about the other too. Hope there's no repeat performance.

    See ya

  7. Hello Mandy,
    Well, nature had it's own way by the sound of it. :) Good news all around then, expect for you. Is that painful?
    Stick to your guns girl, and don't falter as I am sure you won't.
    I had rules for my 2 sons, and they obeyed every time. Don't know why, but they did. They now say, it didn't hurt them, it did them good.......and they are in the 20's

  8. Mandy, what a relief! I hope the scare does him some good, especially when it comes to thinking about his future.

    Work might be just the thing he needs, especially if they are very early starts. He'll be too tired at night to make mischief!

    I think I must have cankles of the brain...

    Hope the heat isn't getting you down too much - stay off your feet as much as you can!

  9. Well I am very glad to hear g'f is not preggers, that little minx! What a lot of stress for you all at least Josh has a good chance for regular work, I hope he gets it and that he appreciates it enough to see it through.
    How is Daniel doing at school and at home with you? I do hope he becomes your sweet boy for a bit longer before true teenage genes kick in.
    Stay cool, xxx Starry