Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Summer has arrived in SA with a vengeance

The last few days has definitely been good swimming weather...So much so , that even I had a dip in the pool so it must have been
But alas there is always a down side to this kind of weather....Firstly it`s killing my plants....Someone forgot to move them from the suns rays and now they are burnt to a crisp.....In fact so are the kids.....It doesn`t matter how much sunscreen you put on , with 41 degree days it just melts the sun screen straight off....
Secondly it does not agree with hubby at all.....Even though today has been a good day....Out of bed for the first time in weeks....Since we have had the second air conditioner installed it has made the house a lot more comfortable for him....Money well spent I believe.....
And speaking of money, there isn`t much of it at the moment...Kids are due back at school in a weeks time which can only mean one thing....School fees are due.....OMG!!!!!
No such thing as a free education these days.....


  1. Afternoon Mandy.. LOL
    Making an effort to get 'caught up' with the blogs (including my own)
    I have not been keeping a diary so will have to start writing while it is still fresh in my mind.
    We have warm weather but not like you have there at the moment. I notice even Vic is suffering heat stroke...
    Know about the money situation and we do not have kids returning to school. Miss our weekly wage now that we have retired.
    Hope Matt is doing OK and I am thrilled that the second air-con makes each hot day more bearable.

  2. sorry Matt isn't the best atm. i hope he improves soon. that pool looks so inviting. cooler tomorrow and i may sleep upstairs tonight. :) money is always a problem lately. there's never enough to go around. kids back to school soon, i don't know about you but these hols seem to have gone fast. or is it just me? lol

  3. Oh Mandy, plunge a toe or tw in for me will ya? I never used to swim in Perth unless it got over 40 C, and almost NEVER got my hair wet. But now I'd do anything to cool off in the humid heat. Over here, all the pools are as warm as bath water (temp is 28 at night). We don't even have a bath I can slip into....I'm seriously thinking of an inflatable paddling pool.

  4. I forgot to say I'm glad that your man is feeling better. Air Con is a godsend.

  5. Blimey! That is hot! Poor Matt hope it cools down soon. You look a treat in the pool. Like Chez we miss the weekly wage now that we are retired and we are trying to learn to live on less.

  6. Hello Mandy,
    Well I have never been in a place where it has been 41degC. I can't imagine how hot that would be, and I do love the warmer winter weather in the north of Australia....sorry to hear about your garden, not good after all you hard work.
    Gee holiday time has gone very quickly for you over there, here the children go back to school in February.