Saturday, January 10, 2009

I sowed and am now reaping the benefits

I thought I would show you how my vegies and fruit tree are looking....I just made a ham and tomatoes sandwich, home grown tomato naturally and it was delicious....I have picked so many already and looks like i`ll be out there picking some more.....A great excuse for having salads...
The nectarines I would say still have a week or two of ripening time........The birds had better not beat me too them....
And this lonesome guy is celery...I`ve never tried to grow this before but after a slow start it seems to be coming along just nicely...
Sorry Fran, I know you`re having a hard time with your lot but perserverance and patience.....The funny thing is I haven`t staked any of the tomatoes...They are just running wild and still producing....


  1. Hello Mandy,
    Your produce looks wonderful and I bet it all tastes good as well....

  2. hi mandy, it all looks very lush. nectarines were my husbands fave. our neighbour grew them and gave them to us. my tomato is growing, it's as big as a golf ball now. :) i got some fish emullsion, it stinks like bait but it's supposed to be good. ahhhh. i hope that tomato tastes fantastic. or maybe i should frame it. lmao Fran

  3. Mandy your blog is making my mouth water! For someone who has no working oven, and only seems to be growing fungus and algae in the Wet, your blog is an inspiration!

    Fresh tomates, with sweet basil and a sprinkling of sea salt used to be my favourite from-the-garden treat.

    Enjoy your bounty!

    PS. Keep your cool tomorrow - 41C! At least you don't have 98% humidity like we did today!

  4. Great garden and nectarines are a favourite.....
    Cheers, lizzie b

  5. Clever girl. You have done well in the vegie patch. I've tried to get one going but the seedlings got flattened in a storm, however a few things survived and when the heat cools down I'll try again. Saves pennies growing your own.