Friday, January 23, 2009

Big decisions over the next few days

After we had the police involved my son and his g/f were finally located and eventually they came home by their own free will..... The reasons for their running away was that the g/f is pregnant....Now there is the dilemma of two 15 year old kids adamant about bringing this little baby into the world..... Normally I would be ok with this BUT both of these kids are far from mature enough to be able to cope with such a major task of bringing up a baby.... After much talking with the pair of them it was decided by all parents that they be seperated for a few days so that there is no pressure from either one of them....We get the feeling that my son is the one who is putting the pressure on the g/f to keep the baby for his own benefit and not that of the childs....... You see I know for a fact that firstly my son doesn`t want to go back to school.....Then there is RULES.....He doesn`t want to live by my rules and he wants to be able to do what he wants when he wants without consequences......And finally MONEY.....He can move out of home (so he thinks) claim centrelink payments without having to lift a finger .....The writing is on the wall.....It has become ALL too clear what it`s about with him..... And who will suffer from his selfishness.....The baby, the g/f and the grandparents...... So now it has been left up to the g/f and her parents as to where they go from here.....I`ve told my son he isn`t in the picture now.....Big decisions have to be made and unfortunately he has no say in the matter..... Of course he isn`t happy about it because this wasn`t in his plans.....He is moping around now because he is out of the loop ... Now i`m on 24 hour watch to make sure that he doesn`t do another runner......I`m mentally and physically exhausted and am afraid that it`s only going to get worse before it gets better.....


  1. Oh, oh OHHHHHH!!!!!!

    Mandy, how are you coping with it all? You are an amazing woman to be holding it altogether. I'm sure I'd be a blubbering mess by now. My own boy will be 15 this year, so I know of all the worries that go through your head.

    At least they are both safe and back at home. I feel for both families, and hope that you all arrive at a decision that is best for all.

    Good luck, and I'll say a prayer for you all...

  2. Gosh life is tough. I would never have thought of the motives behind your son's reasoning. They are so young. You are doing so well to keep it all together and think logically. I hope it all turns out satisfactorily for all concerned

  3. If she does have the baby he will soon realise how hard it really is and the money doesn't go far,that is if he is involved with baby which I think he should be.

    I know it is hard Mandy I remember how it was when I was worried that my Tasha would end up pregnant at 16 thankfully it didn't happen. However I had many sleepless nights worrying about her.

    I hope a decision is reached sooner then later.