Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Asbestos scare

Over the school holidays Daniel`s school had decided to do some landscaping.... I thought something was up as the work hadn`t been completed ready for the kids return to school.... We soon found out as to why this was... A note came home from school with the explanation and let`s say I was very shocked and concerned.... It seems when they were digging up the lawn in certain parts of the school they came across layers of asbestos buried in the ground.... When I first saw the words asbestos I froze...I`m thinking omg this can kill and here it`s been laying under lawn where kids play...Where my kid plays!!!!! The school has done everything legally and professionally, or so they are telling us but it`s the thought of knowing that they have found this stuff....Stuff that kills.... Apparently all work has stopped especially while the kids are at school ....The affected area has been fenced off and covered..... They have done air monitoring with special devices to make sure that no asbestos is air borne but it still makes me and i`m sure other parents feel uneasy knowing that it`s within our kids school grounds....


  1. that's shocking. i hope the school is doing it all legally. it sounds like they are. if it was buried under lawn it should be ok. scary hey?

  2. Good Morning Mandy,
    That would be a shock and a worry what you do not need right now.
    Kind regards, Elizabeth