Monday, April 7, 2008

Finally starting to feel happy with myself

This is the last week of school then it`s that wonderful time "SCHOOL HOLIDAYS".....I`m sure each year it arrives quicker and faster.....It also means that the birthdays are starting to roll in...It`s never ending....Starting from this month we have birthdays in every month up until October and we have another addition to the family who arrives in July....To be honest I hope this is the last one for a while as I can`t keep up....In May, June, July and August we have 2 in each of those months....Big families are wonderful to have but it costs you a small fortune....It`s not easy on a small income and trying to raise 3 growing kids...Oh well we make do and that`s what counts....
Finally I have broken the size 14 barrier in clothes....Mind you some of the clothes I had were a size 16.....I really did let myself go....I dragged out all my old clothes and to my shock they fit me again...I resisted all that temptation over Easter and it`s finally paying off....Another 6 kilo`s and i`ll be happy....Then it`ll give me a good excuse to have to go clothes shopping....See with us girls any excuse will


  1. well done you missy. size 14 is pretty good. you should buy yourself something nice to celebrate. congratulations. :) Fran

  2. Hey well done Mandy!! thats really great. I am glad you feel should!! I hope the family are proud of you too.

    My youngest gets to stay home tomorrow for show day..she starts the school hols early. luckily Nic is home and is watching her for me while I work.

    Master 14 yr old is now begging to be allowed to have the day off. I am so mean..I said NO..hahahaha.

    hope the kids are all well and settled..and Matt is good too.

  3. Hello Mandy,
    Wonderful to read about your weight. I myself decided to have a sugar supplement in my tea and for this I have lost a bit of weight where I wanted to lose it.

    Money, money - for birthday presents it never ends, does it! This year we have cut down on the amount of money we spend on each person as there is more of us now and the pay doesn't increase.

    Have fun shopping when you go.
    Take care,

  4. We have a birthday every month in our family also and it does get expensive but I only buy for my siblings and my children and grandchildren and of cause my parents.....still a lot of people to buy for.

    I am so happy to hear that you have lost so much weight, I wish I could and I am trying but still not having any luck.

  5. Good on ya Mandy, buying clothes off the rack is fun, enjoy.

  6. evening,
    sing along with me now,
    skinny girl.
    skinny girl.
    skinny girl.