Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh how life can be such fun

hmmmm....School holidays have started and so has the fun...Honestly sometimes I could scream....I`m the meat in the sandwich again especially when it comes to my older two kids....Let`s say home life could be a whole lot better when it comes to husbands who should understand teenagers....I try to look at the good in people rather than dwelling on their bad points...It all began with a bad report card for school and now things have esculated out of control and naturally i`m the bad one in it all....Oh well , it`s lucky I have broad shoulders and can take things with a pinch of salt.....I know my kids love me and that`s all that counts in my books.....
The battery in our car finally gave up the ghost and of course it had to happen whilst it was just myself and Daniel in the car....I had to ring hubby to come rescue us as there is no way I can jump start the car on my own.....So it was straight down to the battery place and this time we up graded to a more powerful and just a wee bit more expensive battery.....The last one we bought didn`t even last 12 months....Now we have 12 months warranty on the new one....For my sake I hope that`s the last time I get stuck ....Cars!!!!!.....They`re a necessary evil....


  1. Hi Mandy,
    I think it is the worst thing to get stuck with a car that "won't go". One feels so helpless.
    That is the trade off you have your husband to help you should your car be in trouble, ..BUT you are to blame with the children "the meat in the sandwich" Life I find is a trade off one way or another? he he I trust you have a lovely Sunday....
    Kind regards, Elizabeth

  2. Hi Mandy,

    Good on you focussing on the 'good' in your kids. They do need that.......I have always known that my Mum has always been my very best friend. I have no doubt that she would lay down her life for her kids at a moment's notice and there isn't anyone else who would do that.

    As for the car, I'm a great believer in being a member of the NRMA (not sure what it's equivalent is called in SA). I have only had to call on them once every couple of years but it has always been worth the yearly membership.

    Have a great day.


  3. Hello Mandy,
    It's doesn't seem so long ago that children went back to school after Christmas. Time sure does go quickly.
    Nice to read you look for the good in people, always good in everyone though sometimes it's well
    You are lucky you had someone to phone to come and get you when your battery went flat. Problem that kind of thing.
    Take care,

  4. Hello Slim,
    Kids! - Tom ADHD attends Lennox, he's so difficult, he excels in Sport and Maths, unfortunately he receives orange cards nearly every week - punishment - barred from representing State in Soccer and Cricket grrrrrrr.
    I don't drive I think the problems would tip me over the edge:)