Monday, April 28, 2008

Feeling rather stressed

Life has been pretty stressful these last few days.....And it hasn`t been the kids....
Matt`s eldest daughter is getting married at the end of the year and having the ceremony at Hamilton Island....The trouble is that if you don`t get in early to book your flights then basically it`s tough luck....Now I have been saving madly to try and scrape up the money to book the flights but each time I check the airline availability they are fast selling out.....So i`ve told hubby that if he books his and Daniels tickets now , at least they will be able to go....I`ve then said to him i`ll do mine later on in the year, otherwise he won`t go if I don`t go....And personally I couldn`t live with that knowing that he missed his eldest daughters wedding....
I do have a feeling though that the airline seats will sellout but I won`t tell him that until it gets closer....I want him and Daniel to have a good time away even if I can`t make it....


  1. hi mandy, plane tickets sell fast at peak times of the year. esp. somewhere popular. i just sent you and email with attachments of the wattle tree and the bug eating it. take care :) bfn

  2. Hi Mandy. I hope you get to the Wedding OK.

    Thanks for visiting me. I'm feeling a lot better of late and hope to be my old self soon.


  3. Morning Mandy,
    The difference in price for the same airline ticket is scary......Once upon a time when I lived in fairyland the prices were identical. Even TAA and Ansett ran their schedules at the same times.

    I used to drive when needing to go north in a hurry but those days may be at an end as fuel will go and is going through the roof.

    Cheers, Elizabeth

  4. I do hope you get to the wedding but booking tickets can be a nightmare, what is worse is if you book one day and then find out a couple days later that the price of the tickets have gone down.

  5. Hello Mandy,
    I do hope you can get a flight and you are certainly not a selfish women by no means, you are kind and good luck.
    Take care,

  6. HI Mandy..hope you have managed to book Matt and Daniel their tickets..I truly hope you don't miss out. Everything is just so expensive with families never mind air line tickets..nothing is ever easy..take care and try not to stress too much..