Thursday, April 24, 2008

Finally I get to use MY COMPUTER

Finally I have the chance to get on and use MY COMPUTER.....School holidays are nearly over and to be honest this holiday has been extremely tolerable....All the kids have been doing their own thing whether it be on my computer or out and about....Now as the house is empty because one is working and the other has gone away for a few days with his father i`m able to sit down in front of my computer and catch up with things....
Notice how many times I have said MY
It just makes me laugh as Krystal has her own and we have another spare one in the house which is a bit slower than the rest, but no they have to use MINE...... Oh well it`s kept them quiet and it has given me a chance to do lots in the garden....The weather has been perfect for it too.....Over the last couple of weeks I have spent so much money on plants and mulch and fertiliser but it will be worth it come spring.....I love flowers and can never have enough of them...My hayfever may disagree but hey I`m willing to put up with the sniffling, sneezing and puffy eyes.... Hope all of you have been well....will catch up and see what you have been all up too...Take care for now.....


  1. hi mandy, there is nothing wrong with being territorial about ones computer. nothing at all. it's yours. nice that you share though. cloudy here. looks like rain but good so far. daughter and kids coming down to fix my pergola. it's falling down. like me. :) i think i'm d/loading a movie in tagalog. no subtitiles. oh dear. didn't pay enough attention. story of my life really. i planted a tree last w/end. i think it's a tree. it didn't have a tag on it. looks like a tree. :) i told my g/daughter it's her tree. she was chuffed. hope it grows. have a lovely day. enjoy you last day of holidays. bet you are glad they are going back to school on monday. enjoy your anzac day. bfn Fran

  2. Hello Mandy,
    Yes did notice you mentioned MY COMPUTER several
    You know I hate anyone using mine but we all have our own, some older than others but we are on a network and perhaps that makes a difference for us - or maybe you are also.
    I like to have a nice garden but I don't like doing the work and that probably stems from us once having a business in that field.....Water is the problem for everyone and we are going to try and keep plants that don't need much water....once the old dog is gone (no she is not gone as yet, as eldest son is having difficulty coming to terms with what he has to do) we will find our garden might be improved.
    Take care,

  3. I have problems with my kids wanting to use MY computer too and it can be so annoying at times.

    How was your ANZAC Day mine was good quite and wet or so very wet didn't want to leave the house at all.

    As for rain I am so fed up with the rain my front yard looks like it's more mud then anything else.

  4. Hi Mandy,

    They probably want to use yours because its the fastest and the only one left that is not virus ridden.....hehehehehe

    Haven't been able to get into the garden for 13 days because it has been raining. Oh well not quite stopped yesterday. But having some sun around I wasn't going to spend time working in it.