Monday, May 5, 2008

Sweet 16 and yes has been kissed...

I`m certainly feeling old now.....
This is my baby girl who will be turning Sweet 16 tomorrow...
I can`t believe where the time has gone....
What I do know is that I am very proud of my daughter, she has grown into a wonderful caring individual....
Happy Birthday Krystal Lynne....


  1. Hey Mandy,
    Good to see them grow up into nice people. Be prod of her and be prod of yourself as you have had a lot to do with the way she turned out.
    Have you stopped using your bigblog as there seems to be nothing on there?

  2. it's lovely that you have a daughter to be proud of. something to do with how she's been brought up maybe :) enjoy the day.

  3. Have you deleted all your work on bb??
    Happy Birthday Krystal.

    Did you know that is Europe the 'mother' of the child is given the gift on her child's birthday. Rightly so I say, it was bloody hard work that day .. :) :) :)

  4. Happy birthday sweet 16th Krystal!!

    well done Mandy!!

    I like Lynnes idea from Europe!!LOL

  5. Hi Lynne....
    I`m moving to
    No i`m still on BB....I just got annoyed at someone and deleted everything over the weekend....I wasn`t feeling the best at the time and didn`t feel like dealing with a

  6. Afternoon Mandy,
    I would agree with Minerva...hard work that original birthday...Happy Birthday to your daughter, Crystal.....Cheers Lizzie B.

  7. Hi Mandy. Krystal Lynne is a beautiful girl --- just like her Mom of course. Happy B'day Krystal.

    Grotty's BB has gone the way of the DOdo, but at least she is on BS now. I see that Elle's BS has been deleted - any idea why?

    Lonz and Les have been holding the same conversation on Lonz's BS since December 2007 (sigh).

  8. Hi Terry.....
    Elle is extremely busy these days and has very little free time...She will be back though, that i`m sure of...

    It`s nice to see Grotty here...

  9. Hi Mandy,
    I never realised that our daughter were the same age.... actually TAD is a day older!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a special daughter...Krystal.
    In our family we believe that the child picks the parent. So each year I thank my daughter for choosing me as her Mother.
    Hugs and rainbows